June 4, 2018

June 4 Upcoming Contents

Hello guys! :D

If you have been following my Instagram stories, you would know that I've just came back from a short trip with my friends. It was truly a refreshing and heartwarming journey. Now as I'm writing this, I start to miss them already... T.T (happy moments always went fast)

So what can you expect here for the rest of the month???

My travel log has been blank for a while now. And it's time to enter new data! (how about that?) :D

Since I had so much fun and I can't just keep it to myself, well pretty much expected, I am going to pen this 5D4N stress-free getaway, with awesome where-to-go highlights.

Besides, if you are here because you are a makeup or skincare junkies (like I am), I do have a few (tentative) ideas. Would you mind giving a hand on choosing the topics? :D

Which one would you be interested?
  1. Skincare and makeup empties + with HIT and MISS suggestions; or
  2. Latest skincare and makeup haul unboxing (Althea and Gmarket); or
  3. The ultimate sheet mask review Pt. 2; or
  4. My Lip Products Collection (out of 21 brands).

I'll leave the tough choice to you. :p

Meanwhile, don't forget to follow my blog for new posts!

Cheers! ^_^

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