June 11, 2018

[Terengganu] Relaxing East Coast 5D4N Getaway Day 4.1 Check Out Pulau Perhentian Resort●Lucky Seafood Restaurant

Terengganu Relaxing East Coast 5D4N Getaway

May 30, 2018 (Wednesday)

Check Out from Pulau Perhentian!

Apparently we are way too exhausted yesterday because involved in way too many physical activities compared to usual days (if you know me, I am not an outdoor person at ALL hahaha).

Emmy and I decided to sleep in until 10am, totally forgot about the closing time for breakfast! (nooooo) And Derrick Poh who has waited for us also missed breakfast (sobbing).

Anyway, we still managed to take a photo in the in-house restaurant, just to add into the album (so that one day when we are old, we could flip it through and say "ahh, this is where the restaurant looks like!").

Hyeon Travel Journal; Pulau Perhentian Resort; In-House Restaurant
In-house restaurant

Don't worry, we got back ups! :D We actually bought hot cups at the petrol station on the first day of our journey. We thought that we might feel hungry half way middle of the nights.. Didn't expect that we ended up having it for breakfast :p

Been hearing the commercial advertisements on radio for several times now, and finally got to try out for once - Shinsege Food x Mamee collaboration's Daebak Spicy Fried Chicken.

Not really a big fan of noodle cup actually. The taste was ok, not too spicy like what we expected from Korean noodle cup. And obviously, one noodle cup is not enough for me (quite a big eater :9).

Time to say goodbye! :D

A hotel staff who was driving a cart passed by our chalet and found us ready to check out. He offered to help us carry our baggage to lobby, even we didn't request for it (wow he is so kind and hospitable!)

Upon arriving at the counter, we got our boat return ticket to Kuala Besut Jetty. It is scheduled to depart at 12 noon. And it's about time to go now.

Hyeon Travel Journal; Pulau Perhentian Resort

My heart felt so heavy to leave this place. Seriously. I just hope that we could at least stay one more day... (sobbing) Just as the saying goes, "it's always hard to say goodbye".

Hyeon Travel Journal; Pulau Perhentian Resort

The sea water is literally that crystal clear to an extend where you can actually see fishes swimming underneath! Great job on environment preservation!!! Thumbs up and salute!!! And I sincerely hope that this place will stay the same until my kids grown up (so I can bring them here one day... is it too far fetch?)

Our ride is here and we are ready to go. But seriously, who would want to leave? :')

Lunch at Lucky Seafood Restaurant

Currently we are in the month of Ramadan (a month of fasting for Muslims), so we barely find any restaurants open for business in the day.

Since we didn't have breakfast earlier, we are famish... Luckily there is a Chinese restaurant in a walking distance, about 5~10 minutes.

In fact, this restaurant is very popular among both locals and tourists.

We ordered four dishes: butter chicken, fried sotong (squid), fried bitter-gourd with egg and stir fried lettuce.

Hyeon Travel Journal; Lucky Seafood Restaurant

Food is love! Personally I enjoyed every single dish! Probably because I'm too hungry? :9

This meal costs us RM50+. Totally worth it!

---stay tuned for more exciting stories---

::: Coming Up Next ::: Pantai Penarik + Crystal Mosque + Chinatown Market  :::

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