July 27, 2019

Braces Journey Week 22 - Better and better

Hello peeps! :)

It's been two months hiatus since the last update on my braces journey.
I must say, it's getting better and better!

Read on!

After sharing my journey with my friend,
she is considering of getting teeth braces as well. :3

It takes a lot of courage to make such decision,
I can totally understand, because I went through this process,
and I can still remember it clearly as it wasn't too long ago.

As I mentioned numerous times earlier,
I didn't regret of making this decision.

No lie, it was tough at the very beginning.
Can't eat, headache, mood swing, etc.

But I'm satisfied especially when I look back at the progress.
It's truly encouraging.

A quick flashback on how was my teeth condition before braces.
I'm showing my lower teeth as the condition is worse compared to the upper.

So messy!

You want to see how it looks like now, on Week 22?


I'm so proud of myself (>w<)!!

Words may failed me while expressing myself;
photo can't lie.

I used to think that my teeth condition wasn't too bad,
but now when I look back,
gosh it really was the right decision,
and I'm feeling much more confident to show my teeth now. :)

Notice that they have changed the type of (rubber) band to tighten the upper row.
Thinner in width, but tighter because it stretches all the way from one end to the other.

My next dental appointment is going to be a VERY TOUGH one...
because I'm getting periodontal (gum) surgery to trim off the gum a bit.

Is this surgery necessary?

This proposal was posted to me 2 months ago,
as my dentist pointed out that my gummy smile is too prominent,
and my teeth looks rather small (the body is hidden in the gum).

I was trying to avoid this surgery all the way,
but soon I realised that it starting to cause discomfort
as the metal brackets starting to hurt my gum.

So that's why I finally agreed on this surgery,
and it will be done on next dental appointment.

Yes, I'm freaking out.
Let's pray that it all will come out nicely.

Talk more on the next update.

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