January 7, 2017

[Penang] Penang 6D5N Year-End Trip 槟城年尾之旅 Day 5.1 Street Art Hunt

Penang 6D5N Year-End Trip 槟城年尾之旅

December 23, 2016 (Friday)

It is almost inevitable to not talk about street arts when you visit Penang. It is well-known for its unique artistry and people from all around the globe come to take tons of pictures of them. And today we will be one of them - the real real tourist.

The street art hunt starts...now!

street art penang

Street Art Hunt

Okay, this has to start from getting the broucher - 3D Georgetown Walking Map from our hotel's information counter. It helps a lot, mann. Otherwise, we have no idea where these street arts located at. Please grab one from your nearest information counter, peeps.

Alright, so we gonna start from where Lebuh Cannon intersects with Lebuh Acheh. There are a few of them here.

(1) Cannon Street - A steel rod sculpture depicting how Cannon Street got its name. During the Penang Riots back in 1867 between two major triad factions, cannons were fired upon this area and the street was damaged from holes made by the shots. (click link here to read more)

cannon street street art penang

(2) Pikachu

pikachu street art penang

pikachu street art penang

(3) Little Boy Reaching Up at Lebuh Cannon  (by Ernest Zacharevic)

little boy reach up street art penang

(4) Cat Peeking From Blue Window

cat peeking from blue window street art penang

(5) Girl Preparing Kuih Kapit

girl preparing kuih kapit street art penang

(6) Kitten Hanging on the Hoop

kitten hanging on the hoop street art penang

You will find the streets here are old and narrow. I was told these streets and buildings are purposely maintained this way to preserve it's cultural value. Walking down the street just feels like walking back into history.

armenian street penang

owl shop armenian street penang

From Lebuh Cannon, turn into Lebuh Armenian to discover more street arts. Yes, most of them can be found along Lebuh Armenian, you'll be surprised.

(7) Three Chinese Dolls (or, Cultural Girls) at Lebuh Armenian

three chinese dolls street art penang

(8) Teach You Speak Hokkien at Lebuh Armenian

teach you speak hokkien street art penang

(9) I Can Help Catch Rats (by 101 Lost Kittens) at Lebuh Armenian

i can help catch rats street art penang

(10) The Penguins at Lebuh Armenian

the peguins street art penang

(11) Little Children on a Bicycle at Lebuh Armenian (by Ernest Zacharevic)

little children on a bicycle street art penang

(12) Skippy Giant Cat at Gat Lebuh Armenian

skippy giant cat street art penang

(13) Love Me Like Your Fortune Cat at Gat Lebuh Armenian

love me like your fortune cat street art penang

By this time, we were quite exhausted as the sun was shining so brightly that day. So we have a chilled drink at the kopitiam just opposite the street art "Love Me Like Your Fortune Cat".

Finding the next street art will be a little tricky...

(14) Cats & Humans Happily Living Together (or, Cats in a Procession) inside Cheah Kongsi at Lebuh Pantai

cats and human happily living together street art penang

This street art is actually inside Cheah Kongsi which is not easily seen along the main street.

cheah kongsi

cheah kongsi

Continue walking down Gat Lebuh Armenian towards Pangkalan Weld, you should be able to find the next street art...

(15) I Want Pau at Gat Lebuh Armenian (in front of Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop)

i want pau street art penang

i want pau street art penang

From Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop, walk down Lebuh Victoria (where Pangkalan Weld or the sea should be at your right-hand side) until you find Lavish Bakery shop. You should find the next street art...

(16) Brother and Sister Playing Basketball (behind Lavish Bakery)

brother and sister playing basketball street art penang

brother and sister playing basketball street art penang

From here, cross to the opposite of the main road, stay on Lebuh Victoria. You should be able to find the following street arts in between the alleys...

(17) Original & Fresh Soy Milk at Lebuh Victoria

original and fresh soy milk street art penang

(18) Children on Swing at Lebuh Victoria

children on swing street art penang

From here, we crossed the main road, back to where we at just now, continue straight at Lebuh Ah Quee (in the direction where the sea is at your behind). It's a bit tricky here as well, because the street arts are located at small alleys. That's why street art hunting is so exciting!

(19) Burning (or, Only You Can Stop Air Pollution) (by Cloakwork)

only you can stop air pollution street art penang

(20) Boy on a Bike at Lebuh Ah Quee (Penang Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic)

boy on a bike street art penang

(21) Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur at Lebuh Ah Quee

little boy with pet dinosaur street art penang

(22) -

27 street art penang

I would say, this was the happiest day among all we had for this trip. It's the sense of achievement and the process of discovering these "hidden" artworks. Surprisingly, even my dad agreed and felt the same.

You see, Penang street art was initially started by a street artist, Ernest Zacharevic (check out his website here). You will be amazed how talented he is, and now he is doing his artwork worldwide! I'm really looking forward to his future artworks. Hopefully he could come to Kota Kinabalu one day...

---stay tuned---

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