January 8, 2017

[Review] Jill2 - 7AM Energizing Morning Cream

Hello everyone! :)

Today I am going to review a rather new brand in the industry - Jill2 (질투).

In Korean, "jil-tu" has the meaning "envious".

In other words, is the brand trying to imply women who use its products will have beautiful skin which make others envious?

As of now, the brand currently has 3 main product lines: 24HR Urban Escape Line, 7AM Energizing Morning Line and 9PM Centella Recovery Line. I am going to review on its 7AM Energizing Morning Cream today.

Just by listening and looking at its products, it makes me wanna purchase all of them at once! But... one at a time, ya, one at a time.

jill2 7AM energizing morning cream
Jill2 7AM Energizing Morning Cream | 질투 에너자이징 모닝 크림 | 70g

jill2 24hr urban escape linejill2 7AM energizing morning linejill2 9PM centella recovery line

Jill2's 7AM Energizing Morning Line consists of 3 products: toner, essence and cream - which is to use as morning skincare routine to give you vibrant, beautiful and balanced-skin 24/7.

7AM Energizing Morning Cream, for instance, not only maintain daily skin moisture, but also holds sebum secretion, which is recommended for oily skin. This is the result from Cinnamon extract which helps in reducing pores and controlling sebum. By reducing sebum secretion, it will help your makeup to last longer for the day.

jill2 7AM energizing morning cream

jill2 7AM energizing morning cream

The cream itself is opaque white, where it has a soft and watery gel texture. When it is applied on skin, it gives an icy-cool sensation. Also, it has a cool-minty smell, which is very relaxing while applying on the skin.

jill2 7AM energizing morning cream

Take an adequate amount, apply on your skin and gently dab for better absorption. The light-watery cream texture not only is easy to apply, but also is quickly absorbed by the skin, without any stickiness or irritation (see below).

jill2 7AM energizing morning cream
jill2 7AM energizing morning cream

I purchased it online for RM52 when Althea first launched it on its website last October. I have just checked on their website today, it is still selling at the same price.

Personally, I think it is the best moisturizing cream I bought so far. Technically, it cannot be categorized as day cream (thou it is said to be used in the morning) as it doesn't have SPF. Hence, you can use it day and/or night if you're worried of excessive sebum.

The reason why I recommend this morning moisturizing cream is because it is really soothing and it keeps skin moisture for the whole day, without giving you the stickiness feeling. It is a mild moisturizing cream, so if you have serious dry skin, I wouldn't recommend this to you.

Check out Althea link here.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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