January 13, 2017

[Penang] Penang 6D5N Year-End Trip 槟城年尾之旅 Day 6.1 Departure from Penang International Airport●Sunway Hotel Georgetown Review

Penang 6D5N Year-End Trip 槟城年尾之旅

December 24, 2016 (Saturday)

Departure from Penang International Airport (PEN)

We woke up early in the morning and set out to Penang International Airport to avoid traffic jam. Well, it's Saturday morning after all, it isn't much traffic on the road, so we reached the airport in about 20 minutes.

Today we are taking AirAsia flight back to Kota Kinabalu (BKI). Flight time is 10:20AM. As we about to check-in our luggage at the counter, we found there was a super-long queue where about 60~70 people are waiting on the line! This was because now AirAsia flight passengers have to self check-in their luggage at the counter, and most of the passengers are still new to this procedure, whom took a much longer time to check-in their luggage. I see no difference compared to checking-in luggage with the land-staffs' assistance, but rather more annoyed standing in the line, helpless.

Fortunately, with the help of a lady, a total stranger, we proceeded to a "fast lane" and got our luggage checked-in. Many thanks to the lady!

Now then we saw both KFC and McDonald's are fully occupied, we have no choice but to proceed to the departure hall and wait for the time.

penang international airport (pen)

penang international airport (pen)

Our departure gate is B5, and apparently we are one of the earliest flight passengers there.

penang international airport (pen)

penang international airport (pen)

penang international airport (pen)

penang international airport (pen)

Finally, it's boarding time! Our seats are at Row 20 and 21. So we lined up at Zone 2.

penang international airport (pen)

When it seemed all passengers are on-board, we were curious why isn't the plane moving. For about 20 minutes all of us were just sitting there, without a clue. Then an announcement was made, saying there was a passenger who had left his/her identification card at home, and because of that, he/she and his/her luggage were not allowed to get on-board. The lane-staffs had to go-thru the checked-in bags, one by one, and return it to the passenger. Naww, poor thing.

By the time the plane is moving, it was already passed 11AM! We are so due from ETD... And I was starving...

Finally, time to serve in-flight meals. I had Pasta with Vegetable, which was pre-ordered online.

airasia flight meal pasta with vegetable

airasia flight meal pasta with vegetable

It was "my thing" actually. It looks super healthy - broccoli, chicken breast meat, olives, cucumber, no cheese. Hmm, but surprisingly, it was good. I just hope they could serve a larger portion instead.

When the plane touched down at Kota Kinabalu International Airport (BKI), it was fast-passed 2PM. It's so glad to be back at home 'cause we are much exhausted after the trip.

And this is it. The end of our Penang 6D5N Year-End Trip. 'Til the next time! :)

~Special~ Sunway Hotel Georgetown Review

sunway hotel georgetown

- Address : 33, Lorong Baru, George Town, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
- Phone: +60 4-229 9988
- Website : http://georgetown.sunwayhotels.com

As promised, this is my humble review on my 5-night stay in Sunway Hotel Georgetown - a 4-star hotel.

Location wise, it is quite a strategic one - which is located beside Penang Times Square. However, it is quite a distance from Carnevon Street and Muntri Street where you could find most of the street arts. By taking taxi, GrabCar or Uber, it shouldn't be a problem.

We checked-in on Monday night.  Hotel guests are entitled for free parking inside the building, which was very convenient for us. Our room, a Deluxe Super King room, has an extra large king-sized bed which can fit 3 adults. Sharing bed with my siblings, it wasn't crampy as I thought. Quite spacious, actually.

deluxe super king room sunway hotel georgetown

sunway hotel georgetown

Out of 10, I would say it's bathroom gets a score 6. I don't really feel comfortable to be inside nor I like the design, but at least it is clean and tidy.

bathroom sunway hotel georgetown

To our surprise, we received free-treats everyday in our mini-bar - cookies, premium instant coffee and can drinks.

mini bar sunway hotel georgetown

As most of our time we are touring around the town, we didn't fully-utilize the hotel facilities, other than its restaurant, Sun Cafe - where we had our buffet breakfasts every morning. Out of 10, I would say Sun Cafe gets a score 7, in overall - taking consideration of its food variety, taste, cleanliness and service.

Overall, it was a pleasant stay in Sunway Hotel Georgetown. Thank you.

---stay tuned---

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