January 16, 2017

[Review] The Face Shop - Daily Essence Mask : Snail Mucus【Eng / 华】

Hello everyone! :)

I am going to review 2 products for this week, and here it is, the second product of the week.

You may have already noticed that I do a lot of reviews on skincare products, especially mask pack, mainly because of 2 reasons: (1) they are relatively cheaper than other products; and (2) there are lots of variety available in the market (brands and functions).

Most of the mask pack are similar to one another, and you usually can't tell the difference on the first usage.

Thence most of the time people tend to follow the trend and/or rely on people's recommendations while purchasing mask pack.

So, here we are, another mask pack review.

Daily Essence Mask : Snail Mucus
데일리 에센스 마스크 : 달팽이 점액 | Daily Essence Mask : Snail Mucus

I was having difficulty in identifying the brand from its packaging. Then on the other side of the packaging, it reads the distributor is "The Face Shop Co. Ltd.". So I assumed it is a side product-line of The Face Shop (see below). (correct me if I'm wrong)
从这面膜的包装很难看出它是什么品牌的。当我翻到背面产品简介中发现The Face Shop竟然是此产品的分销商。因而推测它应该是TFS的分产品。也有可能我理解错了。请多多指教!

Daily Essence Mask : Snail Mucus

Daily Essence Mask : Snail Mucus

We are going to cover three main points: (1) functionality; (2) mask sheet quality and size; (3) price.

As I am writing this review, I have already used this mask pack for 3 times.

First, functionality. Snail mucus (or, snail slime) is widely used in Korean beauty products, especially anti-aging products, because it helps to stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, protects skin from UV rays, repairs damaged skin tissues and restores hydration.

From my own experience, I didn't feel or see drastic skin hydration effect after using it, even the next day when I woke up. The solution/essence is quite thick, which is what I prefer. It doesn't cause any skin irritation, before and after.

Secondly, the mask sheet quality and size. It has a rather thick mask sheet which can absorb more essence in it. Its size is rather big which fits well on big faces, like mine here. Heh. (see below)

Thirdly, my mum bought them in bulk while we visit South Korea on February last year. It's about KRW2,000 (about RM8) per piece, if I remember correctly. For a snail essence mask pack, I think it is rather cheap compared to others. But of course, there is a probability of others being overpriced.
第三,价格。假如我没有记错的话,它一张大概是韩币2,000 (约马币8)。其实是我妈在去年我们到访韩国时一批购买的。就它主张蜗牛粘液面膜而言,我认为这个算便宜的了。当然,市场上也有物品超价的可能性啦。

In overall, since I am not a big fan of snail essence, I would say it was just so-so. This is written based on my own experience, and others might have different opinion. Just for your reference.

Rating: 2.5/5

Recommend: Not really/不太推荐

Repurchase: No/不会再购买

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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