August 13, 2017

[Review] make p:rem - Wrapping Me Moisture Sauna Mask

Hello everyone! :)

It's been quite a while since I share about sheet mask since I wasn't trying out new item (heh).

The sheet mask which I am going to share today is very unique. The concept is really catchy too.

Review; make p:rem's wrapping me moisture sauna mask
make p:rem's Wrapping Me Moisture Sauna Mask | 메이크프렘 랩핑 미 모이스쳐 사우나 마스크 | 30g / 1.05 oz.

Allow me to introduce to you Moisture Sauna Mask by make p:rem.

With the patented Micro Trans-Moisture technology invented by make p:rem and advanced foil mask to create skin sauna effect, make p:rem is determined to provide a safe, hassle-free home DIY relaxing treat for our skin.

This is my first purchase of this Wrapping Me series. Particularly this Moisture Sauna Mask is targeted for wrinkle improvement and whitening.

If you are keen to study on its ingredient, they have the ingredient list in both Korean and English printed on the product.

Review; make p:rem's wrapping me moisture sauna mask

Unlike most of the other sheet masks, it isn't much essence left inside the packet after removing the sheet mask from it. Well, neither a problem to me since the sheet mask is still moistly soaked; just an observation. :)

Review; make p:rem's wrapping me moisture sauna mask

As you can see, the aluminium foil is tightly attached to the cotton sheet mask. They made it in a way which you need not to worry that the aluminium foil will move around causing mess.

Review; make p:rem's wrapping me moisture sauna mask

Let's briefly run the instruction.

Review; make p:rem's wrapping me moisture sauna mask

Step 1 : After washing the face, apply toner to prep your skin.
Step 2 : Open the pouch, take out the mask and evenly place the mask over the entire face.
Step 3 : Adjust the upper part to the eyes and the lower part to the mouth.
Step 4 : Remove the sheet mask after 10~20 minutes and gently pat to enhance absorption.

Basically similar to what we do usually, just that this sheet mask has two pieces : upper and lower part.

Geez, looking like "iron-woman"(???) or what (LOL!) XD. Just kidding.

Personally, I like this sheet mask cause it feels like putting on character mask. Nah, this is much cooler than character mask (hehe). Made me feel some kind of human with superpower(?), I don't know (asdfghjkl XD).

Moisturizing, definitely there. As for the sauna effect, I'm a little disappointed. Perhaps is my misconception. I was expecting the steamy effect beneath the sheet mask, but it didn't happen :/ Is it because of the cold weather? I have no idea.

Anyway, it was fun to try out new stuffs! :D

This product is available at Althea for RM25.


Rating: 3/5

Recommend: - (since this is my first try, I will leave it blank)

Repurchase: Not really because I would like to try other masks from make p:rem.

For your reference.


Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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