December 13, 2017

[Review] Nature Republic - Coconut Bio Skin Mask (Moisture, Pore Care, Vital)

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Nowadays skincare companies have to crack their heads to create new products featuring new ingredients in order to "wow" consumers.

Here we have Nature Republic's Coconut Bio Skin Mask, which literally by its name, it is made of coconut bio skin. What is that actually? Let's find it out!

Review; Nature Republic's Coconut Bio Skin Mask (Moisture, Pore Care, Vital)
Nature Republic's Coconut Bio Skin Mask (Moisture, Pore Care, Vital)

Actually I bought it from South Korea a year ago, and interestingly this product is not available yet in Malaysia (as far as I know). :/

Honestly, I was drawn to these mask sheets as it claims to reduce skin temperature up to 6°C. That's fascinating. I really need that.

Review; Nature Republic's Coconut Bio Skin Mask (Moisture, Pore Care, Vital)

What is Coconut Bio Skin Mask? It is a new technology developed by the company to have stronger grab/hold on to the face without irritation. The fact is, the texture of the mask sheet itself really does feel like young coconut flesh. ^^'''

Another selling point. This series uses fermented natural coconut water that gives ultra-moisturizing and excellent elasticity effect. Coconut is an all-rounder fruit after all.

As you open the pouch and pull out the mask sheet, you should see two protective films/sheets are attached to it; white and blue respectively.

Remove the white protective sheet (as below) and place the coconut bio skin mask onto the face.

When you are happy with the mask sheet's position, remove the blue protective sheet (as below).

As you can observe from here, the coconut bio skin mask is opaque and coconut jelly-type texture, unlike the traditional cotton-type or fabric-type mask sheets, which is interesting. It also reminds me of hydrogel. Similar but not exactly the same.

Leave it for about 15-20 minutes then remove the mask sheet.

Personally, I felt the moisturizing effect is astonishing. The coconut bio skin "hydrogel" has longer life span in providing continuous moisturization to the skin throughout the treatment. Unlike some of the products, their mask sheets tend to dry out before 15 minutes.

After removing the mask sheet, I can feel that my skin temperature has cooled down and also plumped with moisture.

Overall, I thought this product delivers moisture in excellency. In terms of pore care and vitality, I must confess I didn't notice much of the difference from one to another as I was just trying out once. Probably hard to observe improvement overnight.


Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Moderate.

Repurchase: No, as I'm not quite fancy of its unique texture.

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