December 6, 2017

[Review] Nature Republic - Greentinol + White Vita Floral Mask Sheet

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It's good to bring along a couple of mask sheets whenever you're travelling. A quick boost for the skin after hectic schedule.

Today I would like to share with you two mask sheets which I brought along during the recent trip to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Review; Nature Republic's Greentinol + White Vita Floral Mask Sheet
Nature Republic's Greentinol (left) + White Vita Floral (right) Mask Sheet

Isn't the bedding looks romantic with rose petals? Bonsella Hotel is caring for the details! We had an enjoyable comfortable stay in this hotel. For more info of the hotel, check out their website here.

These mask sheets are in fact free gifts when I purchased from Nature Republic store back at South Korea. So I have no idea how much it costs if they were to sell.

First, I tried out the Greentinol Mask sheet, which is meant for deep hydration and nourishment. That's exactly what I need during winter season when the weather is cold and dry.

Before opening the packet, I have no idea it was a cream-type mask sheet. You can imagine how surprised I was because I really like cream-type mask sheet. Fyi there is no indication on the packaging. Nevermind.

The cream is rich yet mild on the skin. It really provides the moisture that my skin thirst for, especially sleeping in an air-conditioning room. There isn't any significant scent.

Two days later, I tried on the White Vita Floral mask sheet. It is said for skin brightening and moisturizing. It is also a cream-type mask sheet. Though the cream texture is identical to the previous one, there is pleasant floral scent in this mask sheet.

It would be unfair for me to rate these mask sheets just based on my first impression, so I will skip it. However, based on my first trial, indeed I love their cream texture and how they moisten my skin.

Usually I won't use cream-type mask sheet back-to-back as it might cause breakouts (I have combination skin, more to oily skin type). In this case, as I mentioned because of the dry weather, it wasn't too heavy, yet it soothes my skin and prevent skin problems caused by dryness.

Overall, I enjoyed them both and would consider to purchase them in the future (if available).


Rating: -

Recommend: For normal to dry skin type.

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