December 24, 2017

[Review] Missha - M Perfect Cover B.B. Cream SPF42 / PA+++ No. 21 (Light Beige)

Hello everyone! :)

Your vanity would be incomplete (sort of) without a foundation. On the other hand, for most Koreans, it would be B.B. cream which they cannot let go.

Today I will be sharing with you my go-to B.B. cream from Missha.

Review; Missha's M Perfect Cover B.B. Cream SPF42 / PA+++ No. 21 Light Beige
Missha's M Perfect Cover B.B. Cream SPF42 / PA+++ No. 21 Light Beige | 미샤 M 퍼펙트 커버 비비 크림 21호 | 50 ml

You probably noticed that actually I don't review face makeup products often. The matter of fact is that I don't much of them on hands. First, I am not a high volume user; Second, I don't purchase new products once I finished one. Merely because I don't want them go waste. (...) You just gonna get another face makeup review in another year! (HAHAHA)

You heard a lot about the word "BB cream", but what does it actually stands for?? It simply means "beauty or blemish creams".

Despite BB cream was originally formulated by German dermatologist, it is widely use as an alternative to foundation for Korean women as Western formulations that tend to be too heavy for their tastes.

Main difference between foundation and BB cream? Coverage.

So BB cream tends to provide natural finished with less coverage. If you are a full-coverage hippie, perhaps this is not what you're looking for (kind reminder).

Also, people enjoy using bb creams because of its multi-functionalities. Nevertheless, Missha claims that M Perfect Cover BB cream has the effect of UV blocking, whitening and wrinkle care whilst creating perfect cover makeup. That's one of the reasons why this product is popular among Korean women.

Review; Missha's M Perfect Cover B.B. Cream SPF42 / PA+++ No. 21 Light Beige

As you can see (above), you can see a nozzle under the cap. Press the nozzle to pump out the bb cream. It is easier to get the right amount of bb cream using nozzle rather than squeezing/pressing the tube itself; that's why I like the design.

Review; Missha's M Perfect Cover B.B. Cream SPF42 / PA+++ No. 21 Light Beige

This is the amount you can get from one full pump (as above) and it is the right amount for my whole face.

Review; Missha's M Perfect Cover B.B. Cream SPF42 / PA+++ No. 21 Light Beige

From the photo above, I did a little swipe on the back of my hand. The color is really close to my skin tone and I like its pink-undertone. The formula is thick and creamy, easy to apply and blend.

And you've probably heard a thousand time, but still... It's much easier to apply and blend the product on the face by using a dampen makeup sponge. (tip of the day lol)

To show the difference, I apply Missha's M Perfect BB Cream on the right side of my face. Voila! My skin looks clearer and healthier than before! Observe my under-eye areas and freckles. Although they are still showing up, the bb cream does help to blur them out.

Take a closer look. When applied, the bb cream sticks on the skin (or what they call "adherence") perfectly, just like your own skin. Natural-finished look? Absolutely yay! From what I noticed, it does cake up around the the nose area after a few hours.

This product is available on Missha concept stores and online stores (Althea and Hermo).


Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend: Absolutely love it. Definitely recommend. Value for money.

Repurchase: Yes, I would seriously consider once finished (still a long way to go btw).

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