December 27, 2017

[Review] Nivea - Refreshing Moisture Mask

Hello everyone! :)

It's last Wednesday of 2017. The weather remains hot and humid here in Malaysia. Let's get hydrated, shall we?

Review; Nivea's Refreshing Moisture Mask (Normal Skin)
Nivea's Refreshing Moisture Mask (Normal Skin) | 2 applications (2 x 7.5 ml)

Disclaimer: This is a free gift (Nivea merchadize) I've got apart from wining G-Dragon's KWON JI YONG album. Also, this is not a sponsored product review. Merely I who wants to share with you random products I've been using.

Side track a bit. I want to thank Warner Music Malaysia and Nivea Malaysia for the giveaway event earlier this year. Since I couldn't physically collect the prize from their office, the staff who I've contacted via Facebook kindly coordinated and sent out the gifts to me via courier service without any extra charge. Really thankful for that!

Nivea Malaysia is one of the sponsors for G-Dragon's Malaysia concert, so it is not unexpected to receive their products alongside the album.

Anyway, moving on to our review today.

When I received, I thought "OMG this is such a cute size of amount" "I'm gonna finished it in 2 applications". Think again twice.

Review; Nivea's Refreshing Moisture Mask (Normal Skin)

Despite the fact that it's suggested for two applications (which explains it has two sachets), the amount is sufficient for me to do twice per sachet. Yes, it turned out to be 4 times in total. Super economic (money saving).

Review; Nivea's Refreshing Moisture Mask (Normal Skin)

It says here, "(For) Normal skin. Intensively moisturizes and refreshes (the skin). For sensational fresh skin. (Contains) Natural Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. Hydra IQ."

What does Hydra IQ mean?

"The refreshing formula with Hydra IQ provides your skin with an intensive moisture boost and instant freshness. Enriched with natural Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, it supports skin's natural moisture balance." -Nivea.

Review; Nivea's Refreshing Moisture Mask (Normal Skin)

To start, cut for an opening. Squeeze to get the product.

Review; Nivea's Refreshing Moisture Mask (Normal Skin)

Take a closer look. The mask itself is blue and has a texture between gel and cream.

Review; Nivea's Refreshing Moisture Mask (Normal Skin)

To use, apply generously onto cleansed face, avoiding the eye and lip area. Leave on for about 10-15 minutes, then remove left-over with a cosmetic tissue. What I do is just rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Maybe you noticed, there is no trace of blue cream despite I've applied it all over my face. It does feels a little bit sticky on the skin, which is normal when you apply moisture cream/essence product.

Personally, I would prefer to apply this moisture mask just right before bath. And when I'm in the bath, the steam that trapped inside the bathroom could serve as a "spa effect" which boosts the skin absorption. Then I will rinse it off before getting out from the bathroom.

To be honest, I think the wash-off mask itself couldn't provide instant moisture for my skin as compared to mask sheets.

This product is available in Watson, Guardian and other local drugstores.


Rating: 2/5

Recommend: Recommend for those who thinks mask sheet is a hassle.

Repurchase: Most probably nope.

For your reference.


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