December 31, 2017

[Review] SimplySiti - Simply Elegant Lip Gloss Duo (AirAsia Edition)

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Last touch-up for a special night out?

For the last product review of the year, I proudly present to you lip gloss review from SimplySiti, a Malaysian brand.

Review; SimplySiti's Simply Elegant Lip Gloss Duo (AirAsia Edition)
SimplySiti's Simply Elegant Lip Gloss Duo (AirAsia Edition) | 2 x 10g

Before we proceed to the product review, I would like to draw your attention to its iconic founder, the elegant Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza, whom is widely known as one of Malaysian’s most successful singer for decades.

She is now also a businesswoman. In 2006, Dato’ Siti started a family business with diversified interest in various fields mainly in the music and entertainment industry. She had launched her own beauty product line – SimplySiti in 2010 (source).

As I was travelling with AirAsia some time ago, I was drawn to their duty free products which features SimplySiti's product as below. I really wanted to get my hands on this AirAsia Edition, hence quickly I send in online order on my next AirAsia international flight. Yes, you can purchase online via and choose your shipping mode via "on-flight".

What about the product? How's the color payoff?

I had these questions before I put my order, and I was disappointed because there isn't much product information on them. Anyway, it doesn't bother me to purchase them.

When I got the products, I was really happy with the design. The packaging is made of plastic with gold fonts and borders. I would say, simple yet elegant. Obviously, this lip gloss duo kit comes in two colors: Gold Edition LG06 and Red Flame LG08.

Review; SimplySiti's Simply Elegant Lip Gloss Duo (AirAsia Edition)

Review; SimplySiti's Simply Elegant Lip Gloss Duo (AirAsia Edition)

Take a closer look. LG06 Gold Edition has a brownish finish, while LG08 Red Flame has a pinkish finish. They are pretty decent lip gloss where they have glossy-finish (checked) and good color payoff (checked).

According to its product description, while it contains Vitamin E and Sunflower Seed Oil, they also claim it can "instantly plumps the lips, gives moisture and softness".

Now I will do color swatches and you will be the judge.

From the photos above, can you notice the slight difference between these two colors? Nevertheless, the glossy effect is spotless! Looking plumped, moist and soft? Yes!

How does it feels on the lips? Just like normal lip gloss products out there. Not distinguishable or absolutely scentless. Contains micro-sparkles/glitter. Definitely not drying on the lips.

Long lasting? Nope, you will need to reapply everytime you drink or eat. It is definitely transferable. It comes with a long applicator/wand, which makes it easier to apply on the lips.

Overall, I think this lip gloss duo is absolutely perfect for daily makeup look. Both brown and pink are highly wearable in any function.

To note. Whilst I am very impressed with its elegant design, I was surprised to find the gold wordings and borders starting to fade away in less than 2 months from purchase. I hope they would improve on the packaging, if they are ever planning to revise the product line in the future. It discredits all the good impressions we've got in the beginning.

This lip gloss duo is available online via SimplySiti official website here for RM60.


Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Recommend for those who needs a start-up lip gloss kit.

Repurchase: Less likely since I would love to try out new products.

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