May 30, 2018


Hello everyone! :)

Let's end the month with something fun and chic! :D

Review; Memebox's I'M MEME I'M Top Coat (#TC002 Matte Top Coat)
Memebox's I'M MEME I'M Top Coat (#TC002 Matte Top Coat) | 아임 매트 탑 코트 | 10ml

Can't catch up with the matte nail trend??

Try I'M MEME I'M Top Coat in the code #TC002 Matte Finish.

This is a magical ingredient to make all your nail collection into matte finish!

What are you waiting for? :D

Product Breakdown

source: MEMEBOX

Its product description is rather straightforward.

I’M MEME Matte Top Coat, unlike other ordinary top coat, it can literally turn your regular nail polish to a complete matte-finish, providing a leather-like look and texture! Classy hmm.

source : MEMEBOX

Formulated with Vitamins A, B, C, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, this matte top coat is able to protect and keep your nails healthy and strong.

With advanced technology, this matte top coat actually dries fast with a vivid color expression. Besides, it is especially formulated to be less prone to nail chipping and long lasting than regular top coats.

To use, simply apply evenly over your nail polish and let dry for about 5 - 10 minutes.

Here I'm using a variety of colors from different brands: maroon/red + orange + green from MEMEBOX PONY Collection; yellow from The Face Shop; blue from Holika Holika.



I noticed the Matte Top Coat works better for plain color, without glitter base; for instance, blue, yellow and orange.

Nevertheless, it does toned down the shiny effect for both green and red (although the camera couldn't capture it).

Review; Memebox's I'M MEME I'M Top Coat (#TC002 Matte Top Coat)

I am still amazed with this "matte top coat" idea until now, as I am writing this post. What a brilliant idea! Now everybody can achieved that chic matte manicure everywhere and anytime!

Plus, this product is retail at a very affordable price.

I bought it from Hermo last year at RM9.90. (it's a steal-deal, I knowww :p)

p/s: It's been awhile since I play with my nail lacquer collection... I used to love them during high school and university... Somehow I have gave up too much interest since started to work. Hmm...


Rating: 5/5

Recommend: It does what it claims and worth the price.

Repurchase: Not so soon since one bottle can goes a long way.

For your reference.


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