May 19, 2018

[Review] Senka - Perfect Water Cleansing Make Up Remover (Anti-Shine)

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To my very surprise, my earlier review post on Senka's Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam has been topping the Top 5 Trending Posts in my blog. Perhaps more and more people are trying to know better of this brand and its products.

Hence today I will be sharing with you my current cleansing water by Senka - the Perfect Water Cleansing Make Up Remover.

Review; Senka's Perfect Water Cleansing Make Up Remover (Anti-Shine)
Senka's Perfect Water Cleansing Make Up Remover (Anti-Shine) | 300 ml

One of the obvious trait that Japanese products are living is minimalist design without compensating the quality of the product - which I adore.

The packaging is in calming blue plastic with a pump-head.

Big volume (of 300ml) good for months.

Review; Senka's Perfect Water Cleansing Make Up Remover (Anti-Shine)

It has the viscosity similar to water with additional moisture-touch to it, so it won't leave your skin dry after removing makeup.

"9/10 agree quick removal without drying skin." -Senka.

To use, for me I usually do 2-3 small pumps on a cotton pad (as below). It does has this soap fragrance to it.

Be careful with the amount cause if it's too much on the one cotton pad, it will create a soap-like layer on top of the skin - texture similar to like applying face cleanser on your skin.

Review; Senka's Perfect Water Cleansing Make Up Remover (Anti-Shine)

To be more cost effective (as I am always), I will tear the dampen cotton pad into half (as below) for both sides of the face.

The cottons pad I'm using here are from Watson.

Review; Senka's Perfect Water Cleansing Make Up Remover (Anti-Shine)

Then proceed to wipe to remove makeup accordingly.

It is really mild on the skin and leaving the skin smooth. Below are the makeup removing result from my first to third cotton pad in order to remove whole face makeup (below). In fact, I only applied a layer of foundation this morning.

First cotton pad

Second cotton pad

Third and last cotton pad

In terms of the makeup removing power, it is definitely suitable for everyday makeup which you wear powder-type or less products on the skin. However, if you are using foundation or BB cream, you might consider doing double cleansing.

I do enjoy this product as it doesn't sting nor drying the skin during the process. It leaves the skin moist until a point which it is a bit sticky on the surface. Usually I will just rinse it with water or double cleanse it with cleansing gel.

I bought this product from Hermo for RM32.90. (non-affiliated link)


Rating: 3/5

Recommend: For daily makeup remover.

Repurchase: Unlikely in near future.

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  1. Can it remove waterproof mascara ?

    1. Hi Arifah! I would say not effective in removing waterproof mascara since it's water-base :'( other than that, should be fine :')


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