May 12, 2018

[Review] A'PIEU - Edge Brow Pencil (Secret Formula) #Red Brown

Hello everyone! :)

It's been a while since I shared my last review on brow pencil.

Let's have a look at my current brow pencil, shall we? :D

Review; A'PIEU's Edge Brow Pencil (Secret Formula); Red Brown
A'PIEU's Edge Brow Pencil (Secret Formula) #Red Brown | 어퓨 엣지 브라우 펜슬 - 시크릿 포뮬라 [레드 브라운]

I have been using this brow pencil for quite some time now. More than 6 months as I usually interchange with other brow products at the same time.

Particularly, this brow pencil caught my attention as I really adore it's design and formula.

Product Breakdown

Review; A'PIEU's Edge Brow Pencil (Secret Formula); Red Brown

Like most of the brow pencil products from road shops, it has the brow pencil and spoolie brush attached to each end (as above).

Review; A'PIEU's Edge Brow Pencil (Secret Formula); Red Brown

Nothing really special about the spoolie brush. Meanwhile, the brow pencil itself it about 2.5cm long! Quite a generous amount I would say.

Check out the swatches (below).

Review; A'PIEU's Edge Brow Pencil (Secret Formula); Red Brown

With just one swipe over the skin, the color is not quite shown, but it gives a very light and natural shade of brow hair.

Is the color to light? No worries, just do a few swatches on top of it until you are satisfied with the outcome.

The formula is rather creamy which makes it super easy to blend. At the same time, be careful of smudges too!

What most amazed me is this...

Review; A'PIEU's Edge Brow Pencil (Secret Formula); Red Brown

The brow pencil is designed in a very unique edgy shape (as shown and drawn above). I have never see something like that before!

Just by looking, it might seemed impossible to draw you brows using this funny shape; however, it turned out I'm so wrong.

A’PIEU's Edge Brow Pencil created in hexangular shape, making it possible to draw in details just by adjusting the angles of edges to your eyebrow shape. Particularly, it is easier to draw arched brows.

If you have thick eyebrows (like me), this jumbo size brow pencil makes it faster to fill in the brows.

Nah, that's not you, but you rather want to do strokes? Simply slant the brow pencil so that the sharp edge touches your skin. There you go.

Oh no! What if the brow pencil is blunt and where can I get a hexangular shape sharpener???

Don't worry, you got it covered as the product has a built-in sharpener design just for the hexangular shape!

Where is it? Why can't I see it???

Go to the end where the spoolie brush is attached. Notice carefully as there is a point where you can un-screwed the spoolie brush (as below). And there goes the sharpener!

Review; A'PIEU's Edge Brow Pencil (Secret Formula); Sharpener & Spoolie Brush

Review; A'PIEU's Edge Brow Pencil (Secret Formula); Sharpener

Review; A'PIEU's Edge Brow Pencil (Secret Formula); Sharpener

Review; A'PIEU's Edge Brow Pencil (Secret Formula); how to use sharpener
How to use

Sorry it's a bit difficult to capture the photos so you can see it clearly.

Check out the tutorial in the .GIF below. ;)

Source : A'PIEU

You can interchange the spoolie brush and the sharpener, depending on which one you are using. Simple, right?

Personal Experience

This brow product has been my daily makeup tools for several months now. I really enjoy its creamy formula and control on drawing the brows.

Having said that, it has been featuring in my Instagram for numerous times now. You can check out my Instagram account here. :D

The product is available at A'PIEU's concept stores and online stores.


Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Make-up beginner friendly. Thick brows.

Repurchase: I've just unboxed my second edge brow pencil from A'PIEU, so it's unlikely.

For your reference.


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