May 31, 2018

[Monthly Project] #19 Unboxing : Althea 2018 Raya Edition

Monthly Project (May 2018)

#19 Unboxing : Althea 2018 Raya Edition

Finally. After so much talking about Althea, this is it when I decided to pen my first unboxing.

New to Althea? You sure don't wanna miss this!

What you can expect from this post:
  • A run-through (and sneak-peek) of my recent purchase from Althea;
  • The price of the products;
  • My first impression on the products I get.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I paid for the items shown here.*

Monthly Project; #19 Unboxing : Althea 2018 Raya Edition


If you follow my Instagram (@skhelyt), perhaps you already saw these spoilers 2 weeks ago. That's the day when I received the parcel and I was so excited to share with you all.

Side notes: Do follow my Instagram and let's get connected~ Mostly I will be Instagramming about my life: what I eat, what music I listen, what I do on weekends, etc. It's very different from what you see here in this blog. :D

Monthly Project; #19 Unboxing : Althea 2018 Raya Edition; Instragram Story; skhelytMonthly Project; #19 Unboxing : Althea 2018 Raya Edition; Instagram Story; skhelyt

Just if you're new to Althea, they are famous for lovely and dotting sturdy packaging, especially when they change the box design according to festive season. You just outta check them out during Christmas, New Year, Anniversary... Just to name a few. Of course, here we got Raya Edition! Isn't it eye-catching?

You can either store stuffs in it, or even for collection/display.

Monthly Project; #19 Unboxing : Althea 2018 Raya Edition; calming blue

Without further ado, let's get into the products! :D

① Nature Republic's Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel (300ml)

I believe most of us are familiar with this product. Yes, this is THE Aloe Vera Soothing Gel that the whole world went crazy about it. There are many similar products which were introduced to the market after it launched, but after all, this is the original Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, and it is from Nature Republic.

If I remember correctly, this is the 4th Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel that I have bought so far. And for the record, three (including this one) were bought for my dad. He really enjoys using it.

It is the only item among all that I've tried before. However, it was too long that I have forgotten how it feels on the skin. So I grabbed a bit and tried today.

Indeed it has this amazing cooling effect once you applied on the skin. And when it sinks in, you can feel the moisture beneath.

Price: RM13

② CP-1's Premium Silk Ampoule (20ml)

I have read so much good reviews on this damaged hair protein ampoule. From what I observed, this product often goes out-of-stock on Althea.

I took some of the product today and tested on the end of my hair. The result is quite promising. I will continue observe and bring you my final verdict some time later.

Price: RM6

③ SKINMISO's Pore Corset Serum (30ml)

I have been looking forward to this product for some time now. Also, I read and watched many good reviews on how this product helps to tighten up sagged pores.

Currently I am quite concern with the enlarged pores around my nose area. Probably because I didn't take much care after extraction.


I haven't open this product yet as I supposed I have to time my usage once opened the bottle. At the moment, I am in the midst of trying out another product with much active ingredients, and I don't wish to interrupt the process. So I might as well keep it in my stash.

Price: RM104

④ koelf's Ruby Bulgarian Rose Hydro Gel Eye Patch (60 patches)

This product sits in my wishlist for quite some time now. For the past records, I haven't try other hydro eye patches other than PETITFEE, in which personally I enjoy using the Gold version.

As I am about 6~8 patches left to finish my current hydro eye patches, I am going to try out this sweet lovely pink rose soon.

Rose scent is well-spotted. And look at that lovely pink shade. Just can't wait to try them on.

Price: RM31

⑤ SKIN&LAB's Dr. Spot Don't Touch Trouble Spot (15ml)

This product here is rather new to me. I was attracted by its saying which it carefully uses selected botanical extracts to soothes trouble areas. YASSS I need that urgently!!!

I applied it on my trouble areas immediately on the day I got the parcel. It has this cooling sensation which helps to soothes my newly popped pimple areas. At least it helps me to not touch those trouble areas and let them heal.

Will keep an eye on it.

Price: RM32

⑥ IT'S SKIN's Power 10 Formula Syn-Ake (30ml)

IT'S SKIN's Power 10 Formula series is like their signature series. One thing for sure, they are super budget-friendly.

Particularly, this SYN-AKE serum is known for anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating. In fact, this is also a gift for my dad. I think it would be a good start for him to start his PM skincare routine.

Price: RM33

⑦ Bare Essentials' Basic Set (Contour Cleanser + Primer Water + Fixer Cream) Sample

Ever since Althea launched it's very own brand Bare Essentials, I have been wanting to check them out. As I was still indecisive on whether to purchase or not, here we have - the samples. That's super awesome! Now I could try on first before deciding to purchase the full size products.

Price: FOC


And here you go - my first unboxing.

Anything you that caught your eyes? Lemme know in the comment box below! :D

I hope you had fun reading this post and 'til the next time. Cheers!☺☺☺

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