January 9, 2019

CRAFT La Education – Learning Creative Online

CRAFT La Education – Learning Creative Online
Source : CRAFT La

(In collaboration with CRAFT La Education)

Not long ago, I posted a poll on my Instagram asking how many people had tried online learning. Surprisingly, some responded that they never heard of online learning.

Ever since I graduated from university, it feels like “learning” is not my thing anymore. There were times when uni-friends asked me to join online classes, to further enhance knowledge on our field (i.e. business, accounting and finance), but I turned them down. At that time, virtual classroom seems surreal to me, because I never exposed to one before.

Fast-forward to 2018. The very first time I joined an online class was about blogging. Yes, which is the very thing I’m doing now. I was in the midst of changing my blogging direction and I was insecure about this decision. The class was conducted by an Australian blogger via live-streaming where she narrates over her PowerPoint presentation.

It was A WHOLE NEW WORLD to me! Not only I learned new skills, but also I’m very much inspired by this learning idea!

Okay, let me ask this: Curious about e-learning? Are you interested to join one? Do you enjoy making crafts? Why, the opportunity is here!

Founded locally and inspired by Malaysian multi-racial culture, CRAFT La Online Workshop (organized by CRAFT LA EDU) is offering various handmade art classes where you can easily accessible anywhere and anytime!

Brush Lettering; CRAFT La Education – Learning Creative OnlineHand-tie Flower Bouquet; CRAFT La Education – Learning Creative Online
Handmade Soap; CRAFT La Education – Learning Creative OnlineHand Sewing Sheep; CRAFT La Education – Learning Creative Online
Source : CRAFT La

Available workshops:
  1. Hand-tie Flower Bouquet Online Workshop
  2. Handmade Soap Cold & Melt Online Workshop
  3. Brush Lettering Online Workshop
  4. Hand Sewing & Design Sheep Online Workshop
  5. Hand Sewing Sock Dog Online Workshop
  6. Copper Plate Online Workshop
  7. And more!

“Let’s make some craft ‘LA”. ‘LA’ is a friendly, universal and being an authentic way of expression among Malaysian.” -CRAFT La.

Allow me to fill you in with little background on CRAFT LA. The artisan-focused brand was founded as a commerce platform to meet the demand and supply of locally made handcrafts. Art is the universal language to connect people worldwide - that’s the brand’s philosophy. First, they gather creative local talents, and then they market their artworks extensively to reach a wider network of craft lovers.

Personally I have purchased a pair of customized silver hand-craft bracelets for my friends, Amy and Ping, as their wedding gift. The bracelets are beautifully made, as expected. They are not merely a fashion accessory; it has a deeper meaning to it since we specifically crafted their names and wedding date on it – to celebrate this special day.

Let’s get back to the topic. As e-learning emerges, CRAFT La Online Workshop is set on a mission no less than to revolutionize the way people learn online. All you need is a device that can access internet. You can access to the learning materials anytime and anywhere as many times you wish. And of course, learn at your convenient time. Not to worry about clashing schedules, traffic jams and parking. Sounds convenient to you?

By the way, when was the last time you picked up a new skill, or made a craft?

Having said that Chinese New Year is approaching, I think it will be a great chance for you to show-off some new craft-making skills to your friends and family. Meanwhile, a handmade craft is a great gift idea too!

CRAFT La Online Workshop will be re-launching this month (January 2019) and make sure you check out their website for more info!

Wish to take this opportunity to thank CRAFT La for trusting and giving me this opportunity to share this information with my readers.

Now you can get 15% discount for any course by checking out using this promo code: SAKURACRAFTLA.

Happy e-learning!


  1. Oh wow, I personally had seen and known about elearning but never took the course because oh well... the price is first on the list for excuse. But that workshop is really good, especially those with similar passions. Did you take the course with Marina DG? �� Came from fb and I blog too!

    1. Hi Jue! :) Nice to know you!

      Yes, I've been to Marina's course earlier. To me, e-learning is something you never try, you'll never know it (really) works. Perhaps this idea of learning is still too new for us to adapt, but I believe the industry is expanding fast.

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