January 31, 2019

[Monthly Project] #28 Taobao Haul : Accessories Display (Marble & Gold Storage)

Monthly Project (January 2019)

#28 Taobao Haul : Accessories Display (Marble & Gold Storage)

Hello peeps! To kick start 2019, I would like to share with you my newly acquired accessories displays which I bought on Taobao last year. These displays come in handy especially I wish to showcase beauty products on my beauty review column.

Some friends and acquaintances asked me where I got them after I posted on Instagram stories. I might as well write a blog post for it and introduce to you more in-depth.

If that's what you're curious as well, read on! 😊

As far as I know now, Taobao official website is only available in Chinese, and it becomes difficult for those who cannot read or type Chinese. :/

Don't worry, I'm attaching the seller shop information here as well as direct link, so you can hoover to their page easily! 😊

I have gotten four accessories displays from this recent haul, purchased from two different sellers - one who supplies for the marble displays and another supplies for the gold displays.

North European Marble Ceramic Dish Plate

Yes, you read it correctly. Originally these beautiful marble ceramic items are table wares. However, I thought its design is elegant and it's perfect for photoshoot. (You think so too?)

7-inch Marble Plate

Surface diameter : 18.8 cm
Base diameter : 13 cm
Height : 2.6 cm
Weight : 392 g
Retail Price: RMB 59.80 (approx. RM36+)

10-inch Marble Cutting Board

Length : 26.2 cm
Width : 16 cm
Height : 1 cm
Weight : 918 g
Retail Price: RMB 96 (approx. RM58+)

These two displays are purchased from seller 点恒兔北欧生活. It has gained total fans of 107,000 on Taobao website alone.

In fact, this is my very first time placing order with this homeware seller on Taobao. No doubt, ceramic items are heavy. Hence, you can expect higher cost on international shipping. Despite earlier, I think their quality does live up to the price. Elegant solid design, complemented by gold-plated edge - they look perfect on photos!

If I must say something which I'm not quite satisfied was the colour. They look snowy white on the website, but grayish in actual. đŸ˜‚

European Vintage Gold Brass Storage

Whether it's rose gold, or gold, still they are classic.

Gold Brass Octagon Storage

Diameter : 17.5 cm
Height : 3.7 cm
Retail Price : RMB 60 (approx. RM36+)

Gold Brass Long Octagon Storage

Diameter : 20 cm
Width : 14.5 cm
Height : 4 cm
Retail Price : RMB 60 (approx. RM36+)

This is also my first time purchasing from seller bangbangbear. It has a total fans of 528,000 on Taobao website.

Despite it says the items are made of glass, in actual it is more like glass plastic and it's light in weight. 😂

As for the long octagon storage, it uses mirror as the base. At first I thought it was cool, but apparently it has added the difficulty while doing photoshoot since it reflects the ceiling. 😂 To mention, there is an anti-slip feature (in black).


Including international shipping, the displays are RM45 to RM50 averagely. From my point of view, it's a worth buy. Just to put it out there, of course, there are thousands of choices available on the website, maybe more expensive or cheaper, ..., nevermind. You make your decision. 😊

Here are the comparison photos which I shot the same BB cushions on top of the four displays. What do you think? 😜


As for now, I do find myself keep reaching for the marble displays compared to the gold brass, because aesthetic wise, they definitely look better on photos. (It's trueeeee!)

Have you made any purchase from Taobao before? Any product which you wish to recommend me to buy on Taobao? Sound off below! đŸ˜

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