January 1, 2019

[Restaurant] Dining Experience @ Nishiki Japanese Restaurant, the first Japanese restaurant in KK town

Hello everyone! :)

How you celebrated countdown last night?

In our family, we usually go for good dinner at a restaurant,
and the tradition continues.

This year, we headed to Nishiki Japanese Restaurant,
well-known for the VERY FIRST Japanese restaurant in Kota Kinabalu town.

Quarter of century I've been living in this town, but I haven't been to this restaurant.
(can you believe that?)

This Japanese restaurant is known for its authentic taste and quality food ingredient.

Follow my camera as we explore what's inside this restaurant. :9

Dec 31 Dining Experience @ Nishiki Japanese Restaurant, the first Japanese restaurant in KK town

- Address : Jalan Gaya, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
- Operating Hours : 11:30AM - 2PM, 6PM - 10:30PM
- Contact : 088-230 582

It's our first time in this restaurant, so everything is new to us.

The staff handed us the menu and we were on our own while figuring out what to order.
It took us some time to decide, and it's kinda disappointing because no one cares to check us out.
Is it because it is the 31st of December and everyone is too occupied?
Perhaps so. :/

The dishes came one after another, and here's the photos according to the sequence.

Front: Marinated Tako (octopus) with Sesame Seed; Back: Potato Salad

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Head Shioyaki (Himalayan Salt)

Pan-Seared Cod Fish


Oxtail with Onsen Egg (year end special menu)


Soft Shell Crab Sushi

New Year Set Menu (consist Beef (2-way cooking), Sashimi, Fried Tofu, Rice and Miso Soup)

Häagen-Dazs Green Tea Ice Cream

Soft Swiss Roll with Jam (FOC / on the house)

Their green tea drink is RM3 per cup. Unlimited refill.

The total bill for this dinner is amounted RM370+.

See all the happy faces? :D

There were some hits and misses on our dinner table.
For instance, we love how they cooked the beef dishes;
however, their Edamame was served rather cold and old.

The food here tasted overall salty, I would say.
But I prefer my food savoury rather than sweet, so I'm okay with it.

Perhaps I had high expectation before entering this restaurant,
I would say it was okay, but honestly nothing too fancy in overall,
taking consideration on the food taste and service.

That's all from me today. :)

Have you been to Nishiki Japanese Restaurant before?
What's was your dining experience there?

Lemme know in the comment box below.


  1. Awesome post you have here! Love everything, especially the Matcha! Yummy yum! Lan and Joe, curiostraveller.com

    1. Thank you, Lan and Joe! That's very kind of you. :)


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