March 14, 2019

Braces Journey Week 3 My Braces Diary - Lower braces on place

Hello everyone! :3

My teeth braces journey continues...

28th February, I did my upper braces.
9th March, I did my lower braces.
One week time difference.

Since I went through a hard time when I did the upper braces,
I was so afraid of getting the lower braces. :/
On the verge of giving up, really.

Fortunately I didn't back off.
To much of my surprise, I didn't feel the pain or discomfort like before!

Perhaps because my body has already adapted to the "new thing" inside my mouth.
Anyway, it's really a GOOD NEWS! :D

Slowly now I can eat slightly solid food,
not just porridge and oats.

Definitely losing some weight - killing two birds with one stone.

Let's hope for the best! :)

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