March 21, 2019

Braces Journey Week 4 - Say bye-bye to rabbit teeth!

Hello everyone! :3

My teeth braces journey continues...

At this point of time, I don't really see any major teeth movement,
besides the two upper front teeth being pulled inwards.

Say bye-bye to rabbit teeth! :')

In terms of food, basically I can eat anything that can be cut into small cube/piece.
I'm having A LOT of noodles and meehoon nowadays.
And yes, anything soupy will help in food intake.

Less food intake (especially meat), my weight has dropped by 2kg in one month!
As I'm regaining my appetite now, I'm much worried that my weight will bounced back in no time. :')

Oh girl, what do you want!?
To eat, OR not to eat.

Anyone mind sharing how to lose weight without cutting down food intake?
Okay, besides exercise. :p
Would much appreciate that!

Till the next update.

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