May 23, 2019

Braces Journey Week 13 - Feeling good

Hello peeps! :)

Coming to the end of 3 months, I'm feeling good about my teeth braces.
Yes, I'm serious.

Read on!

If you are hesitating whether to go for teeth braces,
I encourage you to go for it.

It's painful, but for a short while.
When you start seeing the teeth getting aligned,
the satisfaction... is beyond words!

I go for dental review on monthly basis.

When the time for dental review is getting closer,
the tension between my teeth is weak, or almost gone.

Meaning to say, it's time for tuning!
Half of me is excited and another half of me is worrying when I say that.

For the past 3 weeks, besides the giant leap overnight (check my previous post),
other were just minor adjustment here and there.

Particularly, I noticed one of my teeth (circled in photo below) which was once grew on diagonally,
is now being straighten.

Yes, I feel good about these minor improvements. :D

My interdental brush head came off this week,
after been using it since Week 2.

It outlived my expectation as I thought it might just last for 1 month,
so I'm happy about it. :)

What color band should I get next?
I can't help, but mix matching the color scheme in my head..
...these little things that make me happy on this braces journey.

Till the next update.

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