May 21, 2019

[Monthly Project] #33 One Brand Review: A'Bloom

Monthly Project (May 2019)

#33 One Brand Review: A'Bloom

Ahhh... I've always wanted to do "one brand review" theme. AND FINALLY!!!!! (screaming inside)

What brand are we talking about today? (drumrolls)

If you have been following my posts for the past week, you would recognize the brand and the products.

YASSS, it's none other than A'Bloom, a curated Korean beauty brand under Althea Exclusives.

Monthly Project; One Brand Review A'Bloom

What you can expect from this post:
  • A quick product introduction; and
  • Summary of my personal experience after using each product.

Let's GO GO GO!!! :D

A'Bloom is officially launched on all Althea sites on April 23rd, 2019.

With that saying, currently there are four products in their bag:-

  1. Refreshing Skin Mask Pack (with variants like Watermelon, Peach, Avocado, Lemon Lime);
  2. Giant Meringue Puff;
  3. Baby Meringue Puffs; and
  4. BHA Blackhead Blaster.

① Refreshing Skin Mask Pack (RM2/piece, RM15/10 pieces)

Monthly Project; One Brand Review A'Bloom

Before we go into the product functions, let's take a minute to enjoy the artworks. Aren't they super cute and eye-catching? I must admit that I'm a person that easily attracted by looks. :')

Each of the variant has its unique function, targeting different skin concerns.

WATER-ME-LONG: Moisturizing
AC-ME-PEACH: Anti-blemish
AVO-CUDDLE-ME: Nourishing

I have been using them, interchangeably, for the past weeks now. What I can say now is that the formula is hydrating and soothing, suitable to use as daily sheet mask. For me, the skin hydrating power of the all four variants are pretty similar from one another. I tried using them back to back for a week, and they didn't give breakouts. (disclaimer: I have combination skin)

If I must choose a favourite among them four, I will pick SPARKLE-ME-BRIGHT because of its brightening properties.

Read the full product review here.

② Giant Meringue Puff (RM8/piece) and Baby Meringue Puffs (RM11/3 pieces)

Monthly Project; One Brand Review A'Bloom

What makeup tools do you prefer to apply base makeup?

For me, the invention of makeup sponge is truly revolutionary and I'm hooked to it ever since its creation.

Finding the right makeup sponge, with the right size and texture, can be tricky.

These makeup sponges (or they call it as 'puffs') took inspiration from baked Meringue cookies. How cute is that?

They have rather large base which is good for applying foundation on a large area, i.e. cheeks and forehead. On the other hand, the pointy tip is meant for detailed application on crooks and crannies around the nose area.

Two-way of using these makeup sponges: dry or wet.

I recommend using it wet (soak in water before use it to apply base makeup) and you will get a smooth, porcelain-like-finish.

Choose one between two: I will go for the Giant Meringue Puff. Why? It is so fluffy and bouncy after soaked in water. It helps with better adherence. Trust me. You have to give it a try.

Read the full product review here.

③ BHA Blackhead Blaster (RM16/ea)

Monthly Project; One Brand Review A'Bloom

BHA stands for beta hydroxy acid. Unlike AHAs, BHAs can get deeper into the pores to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum.

Using natural BHA (White Willow Bark Extract 5,000ppm), this blackheads removal stick helps to melt away impurities and prevent future breakouts, gently and non-irritating.

For a couple years now, I'm constantly irritated by what seems to be endless blackheads and whiteheads. What I do always is to extract them using the acne tool. However, it will leave rashes or redness behind if I push too hard. :/

The idea of melting impurities and cleaning up the pores sound pretty impressing to me. No doubt, I have expectation towards this blackhead removal stick.

Does it deliver as I expected it to be? Mhm, I'm like 50:50.

From what I look from my bare eyes, smaller size blackheads are gone, but some stubborn big ones are still holding onto their territories.

Read the full product review here.


As a consumer, we always compare products in terms of price and functionality.

Despite quality products that you will get, all A'Bloom's products are relatively affordable, below RM20. You can get every item from this product range in less than RM100 (that's a steal!).

In terms of functionality, there are hits and misses. But overall, I enjoyed the whole experience. :)

Monthly Project; One Brand Review A'Bloom

Any of the products above caught your eyes? :)

Hope you will find this brand review insightful.


The aforementioned products are provided for review.


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