May 18, 2019

[Review] A'Bloom - Refreshing Skin Mask Pack (Watermelon, Peach, Avocado, Lemon Lime)

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In continuation from the previous post where we talked about A'Bloom's new product launching, today I will be reviewing their Refreshing Skin Mask Pack featuring four fruit variants.

A'Bloom's Refreshing Skin Mask Pack (Watermelon, Peach, Avocado, Lemon Lime)
A'Bloom's Refreshing Skin Mask Pack | 25g / 0.88 oz

Are you ready? Let's go!

What is this product?

A'Bloom's Refreshing Skin Mask Pack is a sheet mask range that provides custom care solution for each skin type.

What are the variants, key ingredients and their functions?

Currently, there are four (4) variants available, featuring fruits that have strong antioxidant power; for instance, watermelon, peach, avocado and lemon lime.

All four variants have pH balancing effect which will help in strengthens skin barrier as well as re-charge the skin with fresh energy.

A'Bloom's Refreshing Skin Mask Pack (Watermelon, Peach, Avocado, Lemon Lime)

A'Bloom's Refreshing Skin Mask Pack (Watermelon)

1) WATER-ME-LONG (Watermelon Moist Mask)

Key ingredients: Watermelon extract (moisturizing, soothing), Lavender extract (soothing, revitalizing), Citrulin and Betain (natural aminoic acid that forms a moisturizing membrane on the skin, good for retaining moisture)

Recommended for dull chapped skin.

A'Bloom's Refreshing Skin Mask Pack (Peach)

2) AC-ME-PEACH (Peach AC Control Mask)

Key ingredients: Peach extract (hydrating), Vitamin A derivatives (balancing out oil and water of the skin, preventing skin troubles), Tea tree extract (sterilizing trouble spots and open pores)

Recommended for acne prone skin.

A'Bloom's Refreshing Skin Mask Pack (Avocado)

3) AVO-CUDDDLE-ME (Avocado Nourishing Mask)

Key ingredients: Avocado extract (nourishing), Vitamin E Tocopherol (anti-aging), Hibiscus flower extract (anti-aging)

Recommended for mature skin.

A'Bloom's Refreshing Skin Mask Pack (Lemon Lime)

4) SPARKLE-ME-BRIGHT (Lemon Lime Whitening Mask)

Key ingredients: Lemon and lime extract (repairing and protect skin from UV damage), Green tea extract and other Vitamin C derivatives (brightening, controlling melanin production)

Recommended for dull skin.


First thing first, you must admit that their artworks are pretty eye-catching. So cute and creative!

Product description is in both Korean and English. You can always refer to Althea Korea's website to find out more product details.

They even did a diagram to show the strength of each sheet mask variant at the back of the packet.

A'Bloom's Refreshing Skin Mask Pack (Watermelon)A'Bloom's Refreshing Skin Mask Pack (Peach)A'Bloom's Refreshing Skin Mask Pack (Avocado)A'Bloom's Refreshing Skin Mask Pack (Lemon Lime)

Texture and Scent

The sheet masks are made out of 100% eco-friendly fabric. Although it was not mentioned what kind of material they are using, I think its Tencel, or also known as lyocell.

It is made up of fine fibres and very adherent on the skin.

Not only lyocell fabric is more environmental sustainable in the making, it is also less extensive and toxic compared to traditional fibers in terms of chemical processing. In other words, it is safer to use on sensitive skin.

The texture of the essence for all 4 types of variants are similar. Slippery, but not runny.

Since all four of the variants consist of different fruit extracts, their scents are pretty distinctive to one another.

Watermelon: Sweet floral and fruity
Peach: Cooling tea tree
Avocado: Minty (reminds of of Althea's Waterful Green Bamboo Pads)
Lemon Lime: Refreshing fruity


Cleanse and tone you face. Then proceed to apply sheet mask and leave it for a good 10 to 20 minutes. Remove the sheet mask and gently pat to boost the skin absorption.

As usual, I will replace moisturizer with sheet mask, avoiding from breaking out.

Here's how I usually incorporate sheet mask into my night routine.

PM routine:

Makeup remover > Cleanser > Serum > Sheet Mask here > Eye Cream

At the moment, this works for my skin. If you have dry and chapped skin, do proceed by applying a layer of moisturizer to seal the moisture within.

Personal Experience

Texture wise, I really enjoy how the essence being absorbed into the skin without giving the stickiness on the top layer. With that saying, it didn't compromise on the skin hydration level as I can feel my skin is plumped.

The ONE thing which I didn't like about it was the size and cutting of the sheet mask. :'(

The size is wayyy to big, say if they are targeting Asian market. Usually this problem can be solved by the cut lines where we can adjust the size according to our face.

Not sure if this happens to you, but I find the default cut lines are a bit odd. To be honest, I'm still struggling to adjust the sheet mask to best fit my face.. :') Hopefully this can be heard and solved, because the formula is pretty good.

Where to purchase?

A'Bloom's Refreshing Skin Mask Pack is exclusively available on Althea Korea.

1 sheet for RM2.
10 sheets for RM15.


This product is provided for review.


Rating: 3/5

Recommend: For daily sheet masking.

Repurchase: Probably.

For your reference.


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