May 2, 2019

Braces Journey Week 10 - Magic happens in one sleep

Hello everyone! :3

Do you know that our teeth move during our sleep?

I knew about it, but little did I know how drastic the process can be!

Read on!!!

BTW, if you didn't notice,
I've changed my braces band to pink from last dental review!

Specifically requested dentist to design it in a mixture of darker and light pink.


From BTS' latest album Map of the Soul : Persona (of course!!!).

Call me crazy, but it's the little thing that makes me happy. :)

Okay, flashback to the night right after my dental review.
As usual, I don't feel well after the tuning.
It's uncomfortable and my body is adjusting itself.

I didn't take painkiller as there no need of it.
It wasn't too bad. Much bearable compared to Week 1.
(Week 1 was the worst, so far)

I still can eat as normal, but I just don't feel like doing anything
than lying on the couch, watching drama to kill the time.

The day went pretty normal, I would say.

I went to bed early that night and woke up to this!!!!!!!!!!!


Within 8 hours, my awkward tooth made its way, aligned with the others!

I'M SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!
Can't believe that just happened within one sleep......

Is this normal or what?
Did such drastic movement happen on your case?
Do lemme know, I'm curious!! O.O

However, the drastic movement stopped there,
and I didn't notice such movement after that night. :/

Honestly, I kinda hope for that,
because I really want this (braces) to end fast. :')

Till the next update.

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