May 26, 2019

[Cafe Hoping] Sundate @ Woo Cafe

What's up, Kota Kinabalu? :)

Today, Cong Min and I visited a cafe located at Jalan Dewan.
It's no stranger to the locals here as the cafe has been around for some time.

Why we are here today?
She texted me the other day (I was over the hill, excited!!) to ask when we can meet.

It's been a while since we last met,
and I suggested that we visit Woo Cafe because I've been wanting to try their pasta.

Shell Pasta, Woo Cafe

- Address : 7, Lorong Dewan, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
- Operating Hours : 9AM - 11PM (closed on Mondays)
- Facebook : @eatplaywoo
- Instagram : @eatplaywoo

One of their interior signature is the white brick wall.
Rustic, simple, yet artistic.

Woo Cafe

It took me a while to decide between Asian Pesto Linguine and Shell Pasta.
The latter appealed to me as I'm fan of beef bacon. :9

Woo Cafe

Not gonna lie, it's slightly on the pricer end, but let's hope that the food is super nice.

Shell Pasta, Woo Cafe

(p/s: Btw, does my photo-taking skill improve? :3)

Shook enough when the server came forward with the baby seashell pasta.

The name of the dish is called "Shell Pasta",
but the word "shell" has not well-converted in my brain as "seashell-shape" pasta.
(epic fail)

Yes, I'm the one who is to be blamed, fully.
No excuse.

Pasta aside, the taste is bland without much seasoning.
So it is designed to consume together with strong flavoured beef bacon.

Onion is well-caramelised and well still having a bit of crunchiness.
Now then I realised, no sign of mixed mushrooms? Hmm.

I did finished the whole dish, but this doesn't mean that it's good.
To be honest, it's slightly lacking in flavor.

However, it doesn't hinder me for revisiting,
and on my next adventure, I would very much like to try another type of pasta.

Overall, the dining experience (ambiance per say) is good.
A chill and comfortable place to spend the afternoon.

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