May 26, 2017

[Cafe Hoping] Coffee Date @ Relax Coffee Cafe, Menggatal Plaza

2017년4월21일 (금요일) Coffee Date @ Relax Coffee Cafe, Menggatal Plaza

My friend, Belinda, agreed to teach me do calligraphy art. I'm so excited! We decided to meet at a cafe and do calligraphy.

She suggested Relax Coffee Cafe. As it is way off where I live, I didn't get the chance to visit the cafe, until tonight.

Coffee Date; Relax Coffee Cafe

- Address : G-1-12, Menggatal Plaza, Lorong Permai, Manggatal, 88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
- Phone : +60 19-823 1127
- Operating Hours : 11AM – 11PM

By the time we reached there, it is almost 8:30PM. Is it because of Friday night, it seemed it's almost full house!

We went up straight to the second floor. It is a 2-storey building. They have order counters at both upstairs and downstairs, so you don't need to go up-and-down to place order.

I'm really impressed by its interior design, and how warmth and cozy to be inside the cafe.

Coffee Date; Relax Coffee Cafe

Coffee Date; Relax Coffee Cafe

We planned to order hot commando latte (their non-coffee signature) and a slice of Durian crepe cake. To our surprise, they were having "buy 1 free 1 commando latte" promotion at that time. Look who's feeling lucky tonight!

As far as I know, commando latte is green tea latte with choco drip? Correct me if I'm wrong :) Really not an expert in this field.

We quickly settled down on a 2-seater table at the corner, and started with the calligraphy drawing tutorial.

Coffee Date; Relax Coffee Cafe

During the process, Belinda then explained how she get started with calligraphy drawing and how it helps her to unwire stuffs inside her head. We've known each other since secondary school. No doubt I must agree, she is best known for her creativity and artistry talent, which I admire so much.

We, or at least I, enjoyed our date tonight. Just two old friends, spending quality time together.

Also, I'm thankful that she recommended this cafe because I really love it. Hope to drop by some other time soon.

Coffee Date; Relax Coffee Cafe

Til the next time. Cheers! ^_^

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