May 31, 2017

[Monthly Project] #7 Simple 1-2-3 Routine: Morning Skincare Routine ⛅

Monthly Project (May 2017)

#7 Simple 1-2-3 Routine: Morning Skincare Routine

Good morning peeps! Rise and shine.

What's up today? Hmm.. why not we get into the basics?

Question: Do you have a skincare routine?

There is a saying quoted from Helena Rubinstein, "There are no ugly women, only lazy ones."

Well, you might heard of "Korean 10-Step Skincare Routine". Personally I was intimidated by the long-listed skincare routine, which literally I gave up immediately.

Plus, it means you need to have at least 10 skincare products/items to fulfill the "ideal routine", which could be a huge expense for a beginner.

So today I'm gonna share with you the 3 must-have skincare products/items for your morning skincare routine - The simplest basic morning skincare routine that you could count on it. ;)

① Tone > ② Moisturize > ③ Sun protection

Monthly Project; Simple 1-2-3 Routine; Morning Skincare Routine

First thing first, I will skip foam cleansing in the morning. Why? One, usually my face won't be oily in the morning. Two, I only have foam cleanser and it often dries out my skin, which eventually I need to apply more moisturizer... Why all these hassle?

So I will wash my face with only H20; yes, just water.

Yeap, woke up with puffy face, that's me (heh). Hi peeps! :D

If you're wondering, why is my right hand side brighter? That's because there is a window (shouldn't be a hard guess :p).

Step ①, prepare to tone your skin.

Why tone your skin? One, to remove dirt or any other residue. Two, to prepare your skin to better absorb products you gonna apply later on.

I'm currently using Son & Park's Beauty Water as toner. Take some of the product with a cotton pad and swipe it all over your face.

Don't forget your neck and behind the ears!

Done. Fresh as if you just came out from bath. :)

Step ②, apply moisturizer.

It is very important to find the suitable moisturizer for your skin type. Cream type moisturizer for dry skin, and watery type moisturizer for oily skin. If you're not sure, try and error.

If you don't "feed moisture" to your skin, it will generate its own "moisture" by secreting sebum or oil that will eventually lead to many skin problems later.

I'm using Jill2's 7AM Energizing Morning Cream. This is by far my favourite watery-type moisturizing cream. (check out my full product review here)

Take an appropriate amount and apply it over your face.

Slightly massage as you apply it thoroughly all over your face and neck. Apply another layer if you noticed any dry spots.

Step ③, apply sunscreen.

This is ultimate important especially you're going out under the sun. Particularly UVA ray is the cause of premature aging.

Thinking of starting anti-aging routine when you reached 40s? Noooo, that would be too late!

Start now by applying sunscreen! How easy is that? Your skin will thank you later down the road.

I'm using Tony Moly's My Sunny All-In-One Sun SPF45 PA+++. Fyi sunscreens are by far my favourite go-to products from Tony Moly.

Apply sunscreen all over your face and neck.

For me, I will apply another layer on my freckles to give extra layer of sun protection.

Voila, that's it! We have completed the simple 1-2-3 morning skincare routine! (YAY)

Of course, this is just the baseline of a morning skincare routine. Just for your reference.

Feel free to add-on more and more products wherever you see fit. Design and customize your own skincare routine. Be creative.

...The ultimate beauty secret? PERSISTENCE!

Any thoughts? Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know.

All the best, peeps! ^_^

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