May 17, 2017

[Review] Moksha - Dear.Shea Butter (Cream Type / Cacao, Mango, Propolis)

Hello everyone! :)

This is my second purchase of Moksha's mask sheet, and I'm already deeply in love with this brand.

If you haven't read my previous review on Moksha's Dear Berry mask sheet, check it out here. ;)

Moksha; Dear Shea Butter Mask Sheet; Review
Moksha's Dear Shea Butter Mask Sheet / Cream Type (Cacao, Mango, Propolis) | 25g / 0.88 oz.

Ever since I first tried Moksha's Dear Berry Mask Sheet, I checked on the Althea website to see what other cream type mask sheet they have in the same product line. That's how I found Dear Shea Butter. Apparently, these are the only 2 cream type mask sheet available in the series.

I got this Dear Shea Butter mask sheet for RM4 on Althea website. Very affordable, isn't it?

At the back of the package, it is written on the description, saying "deep moisturizing effect, restore skin elasticity and create smooth skin texture" (second line in Korean - minor heading).

Moksha; Dear Shea Butter Mask Sheet; Review

For those who are curious what are the ingredients, here's the list (see below).

Moksha; Dear Shea Butter Mask Sheet; Review

Look how rich the cream has coated the mask sheet! It's dessert time, for your skin ;)

Moksha; Dear Shea Butter Mask Sheet; Review

Well, I totally buy the marketing idea because it actually delivers what it claims. Not only I noticed and felt that instant deep moisturizing and nourishing effect, it actually quite lasting, until the night after. For the record, it is more than 24 hours!

In term of restoring skin elasticity and smooth skin texture, both you and I know that we can't actually tell by just one night, right? So I won't comment on these points. You yourself will be the judge :)

It doesn't have any prominent "shea butter" scent. More like an usual skincare product smell. (I felt this smell is so familiar, but I just couldn't recall which product it is :s) Personally, I will prefer the sweet berry scent which is so relaxing and comforting. Personal preference (heh) :D

Oh ya, for the record, the paper mask sheet itself is kinda thick. Maybe that's the reason why they chose it because it can hold the thick cream essence (idk i'm just saying).

Rating: 5/5 , great and effective product with affordable price!

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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