May 7, 2017

[Review] Aqua Blossom - White Effect OLED Cream

Hello everyone! :)

Flashback a bit. Remember we talk about "toning cream / tone-up cream / whitening cream / brightening cream" in earlier post? Good, cause today we're going to discuss a little deeper about it.

Aqua Blossom; White Effect OLED Cream; Review
Aqua Blossom's White Effect OLED Cream | 화이트 이펙트 올레드 크림 | 50g / 1.6 fl. oz.

At this point of time, I don't think the term "toning cream" is well-known in the market yet. As much as I know, this term originates from South Korea (not that hard to guess, huh?). 

Just by looking at the trend right now, to name a few, popular toning cream available in market are: Dr.Jart+'s V7 Toning Light, followed by Nightingale's G7 Toning Cream, 3CE's White Milk Cream and Cellapy's Agi Toning Cream (in no specific order). Surely there is one or two you have seen or heard before.

Compared to the brands aforementioned, Aqua Blossom seems like lacking a bit by popularity. The reason why I bought this? The first time I saw it on Althea's Hot Deal and I didn't get to buy it before it went out of stock. Then the same deal was being offered again based on high demand, and this time I locked down my order for RM26 each. (the matter of demand, you get it?)

Basically you can get the product description and usage on the page itself (link here). But I am sure, what you really curious is, "does it delivers what it claims?" (nodding silently at the background)

Aqua Blossom; White Effect OLED Cream; Review

Let's start on the packaging. It comes in an air-tight plastic container. Aesthetic wise, so-so. But honestly, I do appreciate its air-tight concept as it is more hygienic this way.

Aqua Blossom; White Effect OLED Cream; ReviewAqua Blossom; White Effect OLED Cream; Review

All you need is to press the button to get the cream. Usually I will take one pump for my whole face, and another pump to apply on the neck (you must get even skin tone, right? so don't forget to apply on your neck area).

According to its product description, this product is about 3-in-1: whitening + coverage + moisturizing. Based on my little understanding, the reason why it has great instant whitening effect is because of 3 ingredients: pearl extract, titanium dioxide and diamond powder. Oh, and they included skincare routine must-have item - Niacinamide in the product list and even named it the "main ingredient" from the list. (hmm :/)

Many might be confused at this point. Is it a skincare whitening product, or a makeup base product? Although the company decided to categorize it under skincare column, it was also recommended to use as makeup base in its product description. (so who is causing all these confusions? hmm)


Question: Can I go to bed after applying this product?
Answer: Yes, since it is a skincare product, you can either apply it day or night. (says its product description)

Question: Can I use it as a sun protector?
Answer: No, it doesn't carry any SPF value, so be sure to apply your sunscreen on top of it before going outdoor.


Okay, let's try it out! ;)

For me, one pump is for full face. So, I'm taking half an amount from one pump and apply on half of my face, to show comparison.

Left: no application || Right: applied white effect OLED cream

Instant whitening effect? Yes, I can notice that.
Coverage? I will say, weak since it neither cover pores nor blemishes.

Moisturizing effect? Well, yes to a certain degree. Since it is cream base, it is slightly oily and heavy for my skin (combination to oily skin). Living in a country where you are surrounded by heat and humidity 24/7, all year round, I can easily sweat after using this product.

Meanwhile, just lemme me finish by applying the cream on the other half of my face.


So, is it a hit or a miss? I think it really depends on your skin type and skin condition. :)

By skin type, I mean preferably suitable for normal to dry skins. By skin condition, I mean preferably when you have less visible blemishes / skin troubles whereby you can apply it in order to achieve the "bare face" look.

Rating: 2.5/5

Recommend: To those who have normal to dry skins and wanted to try out affordable whitening cream, yes.

Repurchase: Nope, I'm sorry bae...

Do share your thoughts after reading this product review and/or your personal review with me in the comment box below as I really want to hear from you``` :)





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    1. Hi Ty den! Thank you for your comment. Actually I bought this from Althea. Did a check on their website just now, unfortunately the product is not available at the moment.


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