May 24, 2017

[Review] Fairy Trip - Rose Water Spa Mask 霏尔尼玫瑰水疗面膜 + First Impression 【Eng / 华】

Hello everyone! :)

Today I would like to share with you a mask product from China. This is my first time knowing about this product since my friend gave it for me to try.

Review; Fairy Trip's Rose Water Spa Mask + First Impression; 霏尔尼玫瑰水疗面膜
Fairy Trip's Rose Water Spa Mask | 霏尔尼玫瑰水疗面膜

Guess many haven't heard about Fairy Trip's Rose Water Spa Mask, so today I'm going to share on how to prepare this rose water spa mask and my first impression. For your own reference.


Before we start, we need to get the 2 main ingredients ready, which are the powder mask and rose water. They come in 2 individual packets (as above).

Besides, prepare a spatula and a mixture bowl/cup.

Just by a mere look, you might be confused as they appeared almost identical in packaging!

Probably because it is made in China, its product description is all written in Chinese.

Fairy Trip(霏尔尼)'s 玫瑰面膜粉SPA水疗成分

Fairy Trip(霏尔尼)'s 玫瑰纯露SPA水疗成分

Product information such as product's benefits, ingredients, shelf life and etc., is written right at the back of the packaging.

According to its product description, this mask is said to help restore skin vitality, nutrition, moisture and even out skin color.

It's really easy to use. They even have small pictures to demonstrate (as above).

First of all, clean your face.

Then make the mask mixture. All you gonna do is to mix the 2 sachets together to get the paste. Mix well until you don't see the clump. You should get a transparent gel-like mixture with dried rose particles in it (as below).

The scent of dried rose is pleasant and mild. Really reminds me of the relaxing spa sensation.

When it is done, apply the gel-type mask onto your face.

The mixture is more than enough for 2 person. Since you can't keep it, invite a company.

Mommy is my special guest today! My model!

**Important Note** As the mask clumps and dries up very fast, it is advice to apply the mask in your fastest speed (best within 1 minute). Not only the mask doesn't stick onto the skin nicely, but also it doesn't look pretty in overall when it clumps.
**注意** 由于面膜干得比较快,建议调好后赶紧涂在脸上(最好1分钟内搞定)。面膜干了以后,不仅附着力减少,敷在脸上也不好看!

Don't repeat my mistake (as below) My goshh.
以下是错误示范 (呜呜)T^T

It didn't mention the recommended duration to put on the mask, so as usual, I assumed normal duration of 10 to 15 minutes.

When time's up, remove it by either peeling it (which is faster this way), or rinsing with water.

Since this is the first time using this product, I didn't aware that the mixture can dried up so fast @@. It was a bit rush as I was trying to take pictures of the whole process. Honestly, I was sad.

In terms of functionality, guess I'm not in the right position to comment as I only use it once. All I can say is, it is very effective to bring down the skin temperature, especially after a long day outside.

Overall, it was a shame that I wasn't able to enjoy the product to its fullness. It wouldn't be fair to rate it purely based on my first impression, so will just let it blank. Hope you understand.

Rating: -

Recommend: -

Repurchase: -

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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