May 10, 2017

[Review] Odbo - Collagen Hydra-Mask

Hello everyone! :)

It's Wednesday mask sheet time! The mask sheet we are reviewing tonight is a Collagen Hydra-Mask from Odbo.

I hope it isn't unfamiliar to you now. Check out my first Odbo's mask sheet review here.

Odbo; Collagen Hydra-Mask; Review
Odbo's Collagen Hydra-Mask

I got this mask sheet about a year ago, kept it inside the fridge for long enough that I don't even remember how I got this. Did I purchase it, or came as a free gift? I totally had no idea. @@

It's okay, because it doesn't make any difference if I remember.

As expected, not much of product design from Odbo.

From its product name and description, so I'm expecting moisturizing and skin tightening (collagen) effect, am I correct? Just wanna make sure what are we looking at now.

Odbo; Collagen Hydra-Mask; Review

Odbo; Collagen Hydra-Mask; Review

Basically I'm looking at the "most general product description" I can get from every mask sheet product! (aww mannnn) Nothing exciting nor informative. (geez thanks)

So as my review comment here.

Size of the mask sheet is fine for me. After effect? So-so. For me, it failed to deliver the "wow" effect. Probably we are advised to use the product continuously for a time period to be able to notice a difference, but no thanks. (geez even as I'm writing this, there is nothing prominent that I can remember when using it in order to provide more descriptions about it...) Maybe I'm just out of words (meh)

Rating: 1/5 (for good quality paper mask sheet material)

Recommend: Nope

Repurchase: Definitely nope

Do lemme know your thoughts about this product review or share yours experience with me in the comment box below.


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