September 22, 2018

[Review] COSRX - One Step Pimple Clear Pad

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I truly believe the product which is featuring today is no stranger to you. It's the pimple pad that caused huge raving, especially among oily and acne-prone skin type.

Today instead of talking about its product descriptions and usage, I would like to focus more on my personal experience while using this pimple pad.

Review; COSRX's One Step Pimple Clear Pad
COSRX's One Step Pimple Clear Pad | 70 pimple pads | 135 ml

Does this pimple pad works for my skin? Read on to find out!

I got this pimple pad along with COSRX's Pimple Master Patch during Hermo online sales for quite some time ago. Bought them because I wanted to understand what's about the raving. However, my skin wasn't oily nor acne-prone those days. They were sitting in my stash comfortably... until 2 months ago.

Yes, like I mentioned in my recent posting, out of the sudden, my U-zone becomes oily and I am suffering from endless purging. That's when I thought of COSRX and started reaching out for these products.

Review; COSRX's One Step Pimple Clear Pad

Review; COSRX's One Step Pimple Clear Pad

Review; COSRX's One Step Pimple Clear Pad

This product even got featured on Korean Beauty Channel - Get It Beauty!

Review; COSRX's One Step Pimple Clear Pad

Review; COSRX's One Step Pimple Clear Pad

Important ingredient take-away: 80% Salix alba (Willow) Bark Water, 1% Betaine Salysilate (BHA).

Instead of normal water, COSRX is using Willow Bark Water, which is a form of natural BHA. It works well with Betaine Salysilate (BHA) by boosting up the chemical exfoliation performance.

New to chemical exfoliation? Put it in simple sentence, it is a form of dead skin cell exfoliation using chemical substances, instead of the conventional scrub. Theoretically, this exfoliating method is milder on the skin surface and tackles the skin problem from inside out.

Review; COSRX's One Step Pimple Clear PadReview; COSRX's One Step Pimple Clear Pad

Review; COSRX's One Step Pimple Clear Pad

The pimple pad comes in a sturdy white plastic container and a foil for extra hygienic purpose (above).

Once you opened the lid, a pungent tea tree scent is barely go unnoticed.

Coming to the pimple pads. You would notice the difference texture at the front and back of the pimple pad. One side which has embossing imprinting and the other is smoother/softer.

Review; COSRX's One Step Pimple Clear Pad
Front / Embossing side

Review; COSRX's One Step Pimple Clear Pad
Back / Smooth side

To use, start with the embossing side and swipe across the face, avoiding eye areas (because it might be harsh).

Then proceed with the softer side, swipe across the face, picking up the dead skin cells.


*Remember to keep the lid close tightly to ensure the pimple pads are moist and clean.

Although according to product description it says to use after face cleansing, I do found some use it as an alternative for makeup remover. Personally I didn't try out the latter option as I would rather focusing on its fighting acne effect.

Review; COSRX's One Step Pimple Clear Pad

For the first week of unboxing, I use it religiously everyday in my night routine.

Cleansing > One Step Pimple Clear Pad > Moisturizing

It didn't take long for my skin to react to the chemical exfoliation. Sooner and later I noticed my skin is having little red spots and rashes, and even it irritates the skin around my upper lip. Little did I know that actually I should STOP and listen to my skin which is screaming from the inside.

I pursued further to the second week, and that's when I realized its too much for my skin to bear. I stopped and went in with skin soothing remedy. Soothing and moisturizing sheet masks.

It took me a while to digest what's happening. Right I should gap my usage from the beginning, instead of going full-force (you get what I'm trying to say right).

This info is not widely discussed when we check out reviews on COSRX's One Step Pimple Clear Pad. Most people commented it reduces acne and keeps the oil in the bay. Due to that reason, I believe sharing my personal experience - how my skin became sensitive after using this product - would be helpful for those who are considering of venturing into chemical exfoliating game.

Not to say I don't recommend this product at all, no that's not my point. I just wish that potential consumers will have better understanding before spending their money. For instance, if you already know that you have sensitive skin, you should start mild and be extra mindful while using chemical exfoliant.

For now, I am using around 2-3 patches per week, depending on my skin condition. Stop when you feel irritation (like skin tearing apart).


Rating: 3/5

Recommend: For those who after chemical exfoliant on-the-go.

Repurchase: Less likely

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