September 21, 2018

[Resort] 2D1N at Kokol Haven, Kokol Hill 2.1 Breakfast + Morning Stroll + Check Out

Good the morning! :D
I had good dinner and good sleep last night.
If you missed my earlier post on the big portion dinner, you can find the link here.

Today is the check-out day. But first we gonna start the day by admiring the sun rising up gracefully.

Read on to find out how was the rest of the journey. :)

As I slept in too early last night, I woke up like 5:30AM (geez!)
Was so determined to catch the sunrise, so I waited... and waited...

It was GORGEOUS!!!
(rose up to a great day.. thank God)

You know one problem when you woke up too early??
You get hungry early! (lol)

We are probably the earliest (if there were people came before us and left without seeing them) to buzz into the morning canteen.

Yeap, breakfast is served in buffet style.


Honestly, there weren't much food selection in their breakfast buffet.
And probably what I missed the most... is the protein a.k.a. meat!

Quite disappointing. Is it because we came too early??? :o

After we had our breakfast, we decided to stroll around the premise and explore a bit.

Well, right beside the breakfast canteen is a small pond and a bridge above it.

Cross the bridge and you will see a treehouse and a swing underneath.

Yes you can climb up to the treehouse, but mind your steps.

Continue walking forward and you should see a basketball court, children playground and some exercise equipment beside a bigger pond.

Oh I remember there was a Herb Garden beside our villa.
Let's check it out before leaving. ;)

The Herb Garden is like a 5 - 10 minutes walk around the backyard garden and that's it.
There was supposed to have a Strawberry Farm, but it is closed when we visited.

Colourful pretty flowers can be found everywhere.
How I wish we have those in our home garden :')

Aright and that's a wrap!!! \\(^0^)//

Overall it was a pleasant stay at Kokol Haven.
The best I would say is the attic room (hahahaha XD).
You just have to fulfill a small girl's dream and she will fell right into it, aight?

If you haven't been to Kokol Hill or even Kokol Haven, I would recommend you to come visit once, friends and family. Come enjoy the view and coffee.
Leave behind your work problems, just come and chill. :)

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