September 30, 2018

[Monthly Project] #23 Brand Story : Breena Beauty

Monthly Project (September 2018)

#23 Brand Story : Breena Beauty (Proud Malaysian Brand)

Hello peeps!

I have been wanting to share with you all since Day-1 I got myself the brushes from Breena Beauty.  It was my first local beauty brand purchase, and (surprisingly) it hit the jackpot!

From makeup brushes to beauty blender, to eyeshadow palette... Breena Beauty itself has certainly made their statement to the market - that they are non-stop innovating!

Monthly Project; #23 Brand Story : Breena Beauty

I just couldn't hold the good news to myself..  Good things to share, isn't it? Read on to check out some of the products I bought and my experience of using them.

*Disclaimer: Products shown here are all bought by my money. Not a paid review. Otherwise stated.*

Let's start with the background story (little info) behind the brand.

Founded and inspired by local beauty blogger Sabrina Tajudin, Breena Beauty was founded in 2014 with the vision to offer makeup products at affordable price.

Based in Malaysia, the brand wants the world to experience high quality products at a reasonable deal. If you are not staying in Malaysia, no worry, 'cause they ship worldwide. Their products are not only available on their official online shopping site, it is also on several online shopping platforms: Hermo, Zalora, Watson (to name a few).

Monthly Project; #23 Brand Story : Breena Beauty

The first item I bought from Breena Beauty was the "Makeup Brush Eye Essential". I remember I was juggling between price and quality as I'm in the search of makeup brushes. Often we get the idea that you need to pay more for high quality products. That's fair. But what if I'm just a makeup amateur, who wish to have a decent set of makeup brushes? Not too shabby, but also not to the extend of as if like a professional MUA?

I was SO HAPPY that Breena Beauty appeared at that moment of my life and it was the RIGHT CHOICE. I knew it instantly when I got the product... because it is in my favourite Rose Gold! :3 (okay let's be serious a bit). The brushes come in solid wooden body and the upper part is made of stainless steel (nowhere mentioned but by my senses).

It comes in a box of 6 brushes specifically designed for perfect eye makeup! Each brush has its own function - to blend, draw and fill in your eyeshadows and eyebrows.

From left to right:
B216 Brow Definer
B214 Shadow Smudger
B215 Pencil Brush
B212 Basic Eyeshadow
B211 Fluffy Blending
B213 Crease Blending

All brushes are made from high-quality synthetic fibers that are soft and gentle on your skin. Can be used on both wet and dry products.

I have been using this set of eye makeup brushes for over a year now and they are still in good condition.

Yes, I do clean them from time to time. For me, since I don't have a specific brush cleanser, I rub them on my palm with facial cleanser and rinse over running water. Then lay brushes on a cloth slightly tilted downwards - so the residue water will flow out from the bristle, without going backwards.

Just recently I got myself a new makeup brush - B103 Tapered Highlight, so I can use it to apply highlighter on a more targeted / defined area.

Talking about its Beauty Blender, or they would like to call it "Blending Pearl Sponge", girls, prepare to be MIND-BLOWN! Previously I've tried a few beauty blender, but seriously this is the ULTIMATE makeup sponge!

The Blending Pearl is a soft, latex-free sponge that can be used for dry and wet makeup blending. It expands and becomes softer when you soaked it in water.

According to Breena Beauty's product description, "the pointed tip is made for hard to reach areas and spot correcting. Its curved side, is a soft and bouncy surface that gives off natural and airbrushed finish when applying your makeup base. Its flat surface is for a maximum coverage and for powder/"baking" application."

Honestly, this Blending Pearl has never leave my makeup desk from Day-1 and I could find myself reaching to it everyday - to blend foundation / concealer / sunscreen and any face makeup base products. I just can't get enough of it!

Also it can be cleansed by using facial cleanser (which is the way I'm doing now) or makeup tools cleanser. The exact method which I did to clean my makeup brushes. I have to go through several times until I see the water coming out from the sponge is clear (no more makeup residue).

Certainly not the least, but lemme show you their rather new product which launched earlier this year - the Wanderlust Eyeshadow Palette!

This eyeshadow palette features 15 highly pigmented stunning shades and 1 full-size mirror that is perfect to carry to any occasions; one palette "gao tiam"("settle" in Hakka) day and night makeup!

From left to right, up to down:
Memory (cream matte), Enchanted (light pinky beige shimmer), Tea Cup (matte medium pink), Gleam (champagne shimmer), Sun Tan (warm brown matte), Treasure (shimmery bronze gold), Antique (light warm copper), Rusty (terracotta brown matte), Festival (shimmery burnt sienna), Diary (shimmery burgundy), Sand (khaki brown matte), Fudge (deep brown matte), Midnight (deep brown with gold-flecked), Jet Leg (dark brown shimmer), Date (gold-flecked red brown).

Just as they claimed it to be, yeap the eyeshadows are highly pigmented and they just glide over the eyelids effortlessly. They are SOOOO GOOD!! I didn't manage to do any swatches; however, if you are interested, do check out CelineHanMakeup's IG here (she did a marvelous job!!).


Monthly Project; #23 Brand Story : Breena Beauty

Retail Price as below:-
Eye Essential Kit RM139
Tapered Highlight RM42
Blending Pearl Sponge (Black / Pink) RM35
Wanderlust Eyeshadow Palette RM99


My experience of using Breena Beauty products are beyond satisfaction. They really delivered good quality products at affordable price. I can totally understand why it receive so much love from local beauty bloggers.

If you are looking forward to step up one level from makeup beginner, I would totally recommend you to consider Breena Beauty - perhaps try out their Blending Pearl Sponge for the start?

BTW how do you find the theme "Brand Story"? Would you like to read more brand stories? Lemme know in the comment box below.

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