September 19, 2018

[Resort] 2D1N at Kokol Haven, Kokol Hill 1.2 Sunset View + Big serving dinner

Welcome back to the second post of 2D1N Weekend Away at Kokol Haven.

In the earlier post, I've shared some snaps on the lobby and our room.
If you missed that, you can click the link here.

Not long ago I've bought a new smartphone - the Huawei Nova 3i.
Still in the midst of trying out and playing around its camera functions.

With this new phone, I'm able to take nice shots of sunset view! YAY

Continue reading to find out more!

Just about evening 6PM, we head to the lobby in hoping to catch the sunset.
I heard it is a nice spot for sunset photography.

From the lobby, you can see there is a viewing tower just underneath their VVIP Suite House.

Wow, I really didn't expect there will be so many people here!
Heard there are some actually drove up just to chill out, have a coffee and enjoy the sunset. They don't stay the night, you see.

And the wedding reception on the ground floor is happening there.
Perhaps that's why the viewing tower is crowded today.

From here, you can see the road we traveled by to this hill earlier.

Sunset is happening from 6PM onwards. So grab your seats.

Kittens spotted! Meow!

It was 15 minutes before 7PM when the night falls.
A whole new whole.

From what we see from the menu, the kitchen basically serves local and Western cuisine.
From Kampung Style Fried Rice to Lamb Chop.

Obviously the food price gets higher when you are at a higher latitude? :')
Not sure if that's the logic behind. Anyway.
The price range is from RM10 to RM50, depending on your food choice.

Let's check out our dinner tonight, shall we? :9

- Tom Yam Fried Rice -

Tom Yam Fried Rice
The fried rice has the Tom Yam kick to it, and it tastes so good when it is served hot.
Well, the chicken serving is a bit disappointing, but I will be full once finished the rice (I guess?).

- Lamb Chop served with Black Pepper Sauce -

Lamb Chop served with Black Pepper Sauce
OKAY, THIS IS BIG and I need to clarify on this.
This isn't the portion they served normally.
As they accidentally overcooked the first batch, they kindly change for us and add extra portion.
The black pepper sauce is more like a thick gravy to me. The pepper is not overpowering and I can taste the BBQ flavour. Well I find it interesting as I never had something like that before.

- Chicken Nuggets -

Chicken Nuggets
Deep fried into golden brown.
Looks good but it's just the usual chicken nuggets you can get in supermarket.

- Complimentary fruits -

Complimentary fruits
This was on the house for what had happened on our dinner tonight.
I must say, the manager on-duty handled it professionally. Well done.

Lobby / Reception / Dining area / Restaurant - Night view

And now I'm back to my bed.
I have always dreaming of living in an attic since watching Disney movies.
It just feel magical (I don't know how to explain lol).

The mattress is quite hard for some, but I'm good with it.
Dozed off almost instantly when I hit the bed.. What a day.

Good night peeps! :))

:: Coming up on next post : Breakfast Buffet + Morning Stroll + Check out ::

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