November 30, 2018

[Monthly Project] #25 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge (feat. Jayeon, B.Liv, Da Mior, By Wishtrend, The Saem, Klairs)

Monthly Project (November 2018)

#24 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge

Hello peeps! Welcome back to Monthly Project where fun things happen.

Sheet mask has become not just a trend, but a HG for quick and intense skincare. I had friends who do sheet masking at least 3 times a week and a few whom almost masking everyday!

Honestly, I'm the kind of person who is super lazy when it comes to skincare. Believe me, I am. So I always wanted to keep the routine short and simple, to encourage myself into taking care of my skin.

For me, sheet mask - leaving it on for 20 to 30 minutes - is not my thang.

Upon hearing the testimonials whom sheet masking almost every day, it just got me into thinking. Many people have benefited from it, I mean, no harm on trying, right?

So here's the story, or should I say "challenge".

[Monthly Project] #25 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge (feat. Jayeon, B.Liv, Da Mior, By Wishtrend, The Saem, Klairs)

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you the sheet masks which I used for the 7-day challenge. Meanwhile, I will reveal to you which of these are my favourites and not.

Let's GO GO GO!!! :D

Since my skin is undergoing an unstable stage (very sensitive), I shall start from the VERY BASIC. You can't go wrong without "moisturizing".

In that case, I'm literally looking into my sheet masks stash and picking those which I think suit the theme. Preferably more soothing and less irritating.

Masking Day ① Jayeon's In Love with Moisture (Aloe Hydrating Mask)

[Monthly Project] #25 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge (feat. Jayeon)

Ever since the brand launches their sheet masks, it was literally a bomb across local skincare community.

The texture is very much like liquid aloe vera gel; I really love how moisturizing and soothing it is. Moreover, the cotton sheet mask is also comfortable on skin. The sheet mask can be left for a good 20 - 30 minutes, without feeling drying.

This product is available on Jayeon Official Shop via Shopee.

Masking Day ② B.liv's Utmost Moisture (Immerse Me Hydrating Mask)

[Monthly Project] #25 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge (feat. B.liv)

Yes, if you noticed, the one I'm holding is from their old packaging. It's almost end of 2018 and I am in the midst of clearing my beauty / skincare stash.

Earlier on, I've shared my first impression on this Utmost Moisture sheet mask. If you haven't read it, you can find it here.

Not to be surprised, I enjoyed how the silk mask cling on the face like second skin - makes it breathe-able.

Love how the sheet mask fills my inner skin dryness just within 20 - 30 minutes. To me, it is almost perfect, aside the runny essence, which not quite my type.

This product is available on Hermo.

Masking Day ③ Da Mior's Beauty Inside Bamboo Nude Seal Sheet Mask

[Monthly Project] #25 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge (feat. Da Mior)

This is my first time trying out sheet mask from Da Mior. Actually I have no expectation, which explains how surprised on its adhesiveness.

The nude seal sheet mask is not only thin, breathe-able, adhersive, but also comfortable to wear. Definitely it's a level-up compared to the earlier from B.liv.

This was a freebie given from The Butterfly Project. If you know where can purchase this sheet mask, please do leave a comment below to let me know! ;)

Masking Day ④ By Wishtrend's Natural Vitamin 21.5% Enhancing Sheet Mask

[Monthly Project] #25 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge (feat. By Wishtrend)

My skin is driving me crazy these days - crazy pimples, whiteheads and pigmentation.

In that case, I would go for this anti-oxidant, skin tone improving, moisturizing and calming sheet mask - to the rescue.

Well, it's not like all my skin problems being fixed overnight, but I definitely feel better after masking.

Although I'm not quite fancy of its gauze-like sheet mask texture, overall it is still a decent sheet mask option, especially for sensitive skin.

This product is available on Hermo.

Check out the full product review here.

Masking Day ⑤ Jayeon's Shine Like The Whole Universe is Yours (Raspberry Brightening Mask)

[Monthly Project] #25 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge (feat. Jayeon)

What a fancy name to start with!

Texture wise, it is VERY SIMILAR to its Aloe Hydrating Mask. If you enjoy the smell of sweet raspberry, you can never miss this item. The fragrance is not overpowering, but just nice - giving you a mind-relaxation.

I can't tell whether it is effective in terms of brightening effect, but it will give you that skin glow after masking.

This product is available on Jayeon Official Shop via Shopee.

Masking Day ⑥ The Saem's Natural Green Tea Mask Sheet

[Monthly Project] #25 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge (feat. The Saem)

I never been able to try out much skincare products from The Saem, and I don't think I will in the near future.

Disappointed of its ill-fitted sheet mask. :/

While the milky essence texture and cotton sheet mask did saved some points, overall the experience was far below expectation, having said that many roadshops have managed to produce affordable and effective daily sheet masks.

Check out the full first impression review here.

Masking Day ⑦ Klairs' Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet Mask

[Monthly Project] #25 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge (feat. Klairs)

Although I have been eyeing on Klairs' products for a long time, this is officially my first time trying out their sheet mask.

From the product description, there is no-way telling that the sheet mask consists of 2 separate piece: upper and lower part.

I thought my sheet mask was broken into half when I opened the packet. :')

The whole process of getting it applied nicely on the face took me more than 5 minutes. I don't understand why it is designed in such a way, and to be completely honest, I don't like it. (you do know I'm such a clumsy person zzz)

When it is all set, I can tell by feeling my skin plumped and soothed. With its TENCEL Gauze sheet, the sheet mask adheres and retains the moisture on the surface of the skin for a good 20 to 30 minutes.

This product is available on Hermo.


Frankly speaking, I was gonna quit halfway as I'm so lazy to apply sheet mask and wait for 20 minutes. Somemore to blog about it. :/

But blogging has been a great motivation for me to continue press on the challenge, knowing that my friends are cheering for my success.

I got asked, "how do you feel after sheet masking for 7 days continuously?"

Honestly, I didn't notice any dramatic changes right after the week. One thing that shocked me was the fact that my skin needed so much moisture, from the inside - so much so that it didn't give me new breakouts when I'm like literally "forcing to feed" moisture to it. :')

It's already three weeks since the challenge as I'm blogging on this topic. Despite the troublesome, I'm really thinking of doing it again soon, considering how rough my skin turns lately.

What is your sheet mask routine and what's your story?

Feel free to comment below.


  1. Yay! Congratulations on completing your first sheet mask challenge! You know I've been planning to do this and that but babe! Between work and blogger invitations, I have so many other things to do! Still, I sure hope I can come back to blogging and Gramming on beauty soon - especially with the recent Innisfree haul! :D Hope to see you soon and love ya!

    Myra | Myra Beauty Diary

    1. Hey unnie! Thank you! You do know you are one of my inspiration to pursue this challenge? :D

      Life is sure busy lately, especially it's year end. But isn't it fulfilling at the same time?

      Hope to see you soon, that's for sure! ;)


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