November 10, 2018

[Review] MUJI Skincare - Light Toning Water (Moisture)

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A big fan of Japanese minimalistic and functional houseware ideas, I fell in love at once ever since I found out MUJI has their own skincare line!

When I heard my friend she is travelling to Japan this summer, I quickly grabbed the chance (arigato Marcilla!!!) For those who are staying at KL, you're lucky, because there is a physical store located at 4th floor, Midvalley Shopping Mall.

Review; MUJI Skincare's Light Toning Water (Moisture)
MUJI's Light Toning Water (Moisture) | 200ml

Currently there are two product lines under the skincare brand: anti-aging and sensitive skin.

Recently my skin is showing me lots of anger, so I think I need lots of help to calm this sensitive skin. That's why I chose this series and I bought two toners: moisture and high moisture.

Particularly today we are going to talk about the Moisture Toner. To find out more about this product, continue scrolling! :))

First of all, shoutout to Liah Yoo, because I learned about this skincare brand from watching her video.

There are a few notable reasons why choose MUJI Skincare:

  1. They use natural spring water - carefully selected the finest-quality water collected from natural cavern springs in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture;
  2. Ingredients that are gentle on delicate skin - Fragrance free / Dye free / Mineral oil free / Paraben free / Alcohol free / Allergy tested; and
  3. Simple products that cater to everyone's need - basic design packaging that blends effortlessly with other cosmetics on the shelf and is easy for everyone to use regardless of age or gender.

For instance, they use functional ingredients (Polyquaternium-51 and Hyaluronic acid Na) and natural plant ingredients (Grapefruit seeds and Purslane) for moisture retention.

I really adore it's back-to-basic packaging design.

Review; MUJI Skincare's Light Toning Water (Moisture)Review; MUJI Skincare's Light Toning Water (Moisture)
Review; MUJI Skincare's Light Toning Water (Moisture)Review; MUJI Skincare's Light Toning Water (Moisture)
Review; MUJI Skincare's Light Toning Water (Moisture)

No, I don't read Japanese (not yet), but I can get all the product information that I need on their website.

Review; MUJI Skincare's Light Toning Water (Moisture)

To use, I will dampen it on cotton pad and swipe it all over my face - to collect leftover impurities, balance skin pH and hydrate the skin overall.

Since we are talking about MUJI Skincare, how can we not mention about their cotton pads, right?

Review; MUJI Skincare's Light Toning Water (Moisture) & Cotton Puffs

Here I'm using their Cotton Puff. It comes in rectangular, embroidered on the sides, leaving a puff-like texture in the middle.

Review; MUJI Skincare's Cotton PuffsReview; MUJI Skincare's Cotton Puffs

As you can see, I'm already less than 10% to finishing. The cotton puffs do go well with toner / water like products.

Here's how it looks when it meets with Light Toning Water (Moisture) (below).

Review; MUJI Skincare's Light Toning Water (Moisture) & Cotton Puffs

You definitely won't need too much of the product after using this Cotton Puff.

And proceed to swipe it across the face.

The toner itself has subtle alkaline scent to zero scent. It's almost unnoticeable.

My skin does feel refreshed after using the toner, but I just feel like tons of toners out there have the same effect.

In terms of moisturizing power, I would say its really mild, and it almost feels like nothing after a couple minutes. I guess if you want more out of it, you can try soaking one-time sheet mask (inflatable) with loads of the moisture toner.

What I noticed is that the formulation is super gentle on skin and it does help in balancing out my skin pH, especially right at the moment after face cleansing.

Do I live for this moisture toner? No, but I reckon it would be a HG for those having much sensitive skin.

As for their cotton puffs, I won't say it's the best in the market. Texture wise, I love how soft it is. However, it does lint slightly (cotton fibres falling apart).

This product is retail for ¥580 in Japan (approx. RM21+).


Rating: 3/5

Recommend: Yes for sensitive skin.

Repurchase: Unlikely

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