November 12, 2018

[Review] MUJI Skincare - Light Toning Water (High Moisture)

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Here's a continuation of MUJI skincare review from preview post.

Despite knowing there are a variation of moisture level among its toner selection, I really wanted to know if it's legit. From the outlook, the light toning water looks the same!!

In this post, I will be reviewing on MUJI's Light Toning Water (High Moisture).

Review; MUJI's Light Toning Water (High Moisture)
MUJI's Light Toning Water (High Moisture) | 200ml

Interested to find out whether it does have higher moisture level than the previous toner? Continue scrolling! :))

What makes these two toners different from one another?

I checked on MUJI online store website and discovered the main ingredient that differentiate them is hyaluronic acid Na (a.k.a. sodium hyaluronate). It is the salt of hyaluronic acid and it has much lower molecular size, which enable it to better penetrate skin for higher absorption. One key feature of sodium hyaluronate is its ability to hold more than 1,000 times its weight in water. (source) Well, I think this ingredient self-explains the variance of moisture level you can get from this High Moisture toner.

Review; MUJI's Light Toning Water (High Moisture)Review; MUJI's Light Toning Water (High Moisture)
Review; MUJI's Light Toning Water (High Moisture)

Besides that, I do noticed Light Toning Water (High Moisture)'s texture is more slippery compared to the lighter version.

As expected from their Sensitive Skin Series, this toner does not contain fragrance, coloring, mineral oil and it's low acidic. Similarly, it has subtle alkaline scent to zero scent and it's almost unnoticeable.

Review; MUJI's Light Toning Water (High Moisture)

Instead of swiping the toner across my face (like what I do for most toners), I prefer it as spot masking since it has higher moisture level. It is also very convenient for quick 5-minute masking before applying makeup.

Here I am using the 5-layer Multi Cotton Puff from Olive Young to demonstrate 5-minute spot masking. Why I choose this cotton puff is because it can be teared into 5 thin layers effortlessly, which is super convenient to do spot masking.

The cotton puffs are pretty dense and thick. Rectangular in shape and embroidered on the sides (as below).

What I do normally is to pack lots of toner onto the cotton puff until it's fully dampen. The layers will come off easily as you tear from the sides. Then proceed to apply it on the spots which require intensive moisture care. Mine are on both cheeks and around nose area.

The cotton puffs can adhere on the skin for a good 5 minutes. Once removed, the toner will leave your skin cool and moist from the inside.

With the intense spot masking, I could definitely feel the difference between the two variance: Moisture and High Moisture from MUJI Sensitive Skin Series.

Is there a significance on moisture level between the two toners? YES!

Which toner would I prefer from the Sensitive Skin Series? Certainly, High Moisture.

This product is retail for ¥690 in Japan (approx. RM26+).


Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes for sensitive skin.

Repurchase: Probably

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