November 16, 2018

Nov 15 BTS : Burn The Stage Movie Premier

안녕하세요 여러분~!!!🤗🤗🤗

Have you watch the movie?💣🔥

Thanks to a bunch of ARMY friends💜, especially thanks to Yvonne,
she booked the movie tickets for us in lightning speed once it was made available online.
It was 2 weeks ahead of the screening date.
It's the first time EVER I booked a movie ticket 2 weeks in advance!!

The premier day came.
It was yesterday.
And I wanted to pen this moment down for the older me to reminisce..

The movie was set to premier at 9PM.

We met up in front of the cinema at 8.30PM,
and just as expected by Yvonne,
there are ARMYs (BTS' fans) gathering and giving out freebies,
i.e. slogan, members photo cards, postcards, bookmarks, etc.

In order to redeem the gifts, we had to show them our movie tickets.

They are super friendly and I can feel their enthusiasm.
It's my VERY FIRST TIME hanging out with other BTS' fans in group..
Such an overwhelming emotion to be there..
As if we are seeing BTS in person, you see? 🙈💖

The official slogan banner by Malaysian ARMY

They gave out random member's photo card,
and I got SUPER EXCITED upon receiving SUGA's photo card!!!💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Mandatory shot in front of the movie bunting!!!
(feat. Yvonne)

Mandatory boomerang in front of the movie bunting!!!
(feat. Yvonne, Shane and Tze Chew)

The whole movie lasts for about 1 hour 30 minute.

If you're wondering what's the movie about,
it's a documentary / sneak peek to BTS' world tour in 2017.

2017 marked a significant milestone for BTS
as they traveled around the globe,
having concerts across major cities.

2017 had been a busy year for BTS,
but the reason that pushed them to move forward was ARMY,
as said by RM.

In the movie, authentic emotions were being captured,
and we as their fans, get to understand a little bit more about them,
as the biggest boy band, as a superstar, as a young adult, as a man, as who they are.

JIN mentioned in the movie saying many asked him,
"why BTS got famous?"
He honestly told the interviewer that he didn't know the answer to that.

Somehow it strikes me after watching the movie.
Deep down I think I know an answer to that.

Although there are some restrictions in the music industry,
they try their best to speak up their mind, be true to themselves,
pay attentions to what's happening around the society.

In an article I read, they are such an authentic persons,
whom their neighbors praised them for their humble attitude
even they are currently the hottest worldwide superstar.

And of course, "Music" and "Originality".
Music is the universal language to connect people all around the world.
They make their own songs, be it melody or lyrics; they all take parts.
It wasn't easy, they admitted.
They have to work on their unfinished songs even on tour, in the hotel room.

Such a hardworking and heart-warming fellas,
just how can you not fall for them?
I'm serious.

After watching the movie, I feels I'm not working hard to achieve my dreams.
Often I backed off due to physical tiredness, mental weakness and even self doubt. 🙍🏻‍♀️

I want to work harder!! Just like BTS has portrayed to us in the movie..
Even there are only 2 people reading my blog or listening to my songs, I will still continue the journey... 🙏🏻

Mandatory post-movie shoot.
(feat. Tze Chew, Shane, Yvonne and Christina)

Before this post ends,
I would like to show you what I've got from the fans earlier.

Photo cards

JIMIN postcard

JIN bookmark

It was indeed a magical night.
Can't wait for BTS concert in Singapore coming January! 😍😍😍
(p/s: I might just faint in front of SUGA IDK XD)

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