November 3, 2018

[Review] Tony Moly - The Chok Chok Green Tea No-Wash Cleansing Water

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I don't know about you, but for me, Tony Moly is one of the earliest Korean beauty brands that I know of. Most probably because JYJ have been their brand ambassadors back in the days, and I am (no secret) a BIG FAN of Jaejoong a.k.a. Hero, ever since high school (fun fact).

Back then, Tony Moly is better known for their makeup range, and I'm quite impressed to learn that they are venturing well into skincare range nowadays.

Review; Tony Moly's The Chok Chok Green Tea No-Wash Cleansing Water
Tony Moly's The Chok Chok Green Tea No-Wash Cleansing Water | 300ml

Recently they came out with the "Chok Chok Green Tea" skincare range, which I think it would be a good news to acne-prone and oily skin.

Particularly today we will be talking about their cleansing water from the range.

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A quick glance on the packaging itself. It comes in a sturdy transparent plastic bottle with a green flip-on cap. Green font printed on top; kept it minimalistic, but making it hard to read from the packaging actually. :/

Review; Tony Moly's The Chok Chok Green Tea No-Wash Cleansing Water

"The cleansing water contains the moisture of fermented green tea cultivated by sunlight, wind, and nature through four seasons." -Tony Moly.

As per product description, the cleansing water contains 10,000 ppm of 100% pure green tea extract, which is effective on removing makeup, while retaining skin moisture.

Makeup removing it is and let's see how it works! :D

To use, I will roughly take 3 shakes of the products onto my cotton pads.

It does has subtle green tea scent to it. No overpowering.

Review; Tony Moly's The Chok Chok Green Tea No-Wash Cleansing Water

The cleansing water almost felt like water (literally). Or I would better compare it to micellar water. The latter two are much alike.

And probably because of the green tea extract, it does have the cooling effect once swiping it over the face, which I like.

As for its makeup removing power, okay let the cotton pads do the talking. :')

Review; Tony Moly's The Chok Chok Green Tea No-Wash Cleansing Water

I was wearing light makeup when doing this photoshoot - did my brows and BB cushion base, that's all.

As you can see (above), 93% of the makeup came out on the first cotton pad. It took until the 5th then I got a clean cotton pad. Geez makeup is really stubborn you see.

Personally I would say it is pretty amazinggg, considering the fact that its ability to remove almost everything at the first round. However, you really need to go in a couple times in order to collect all the makeup residue, which is kinda annoying, especially during lazy days... zzz

After using it, my skin does feel okay, moisture retention was okay. Unlike some that would stripped away oil and water and everything (heh), rest assured, this product here does live up to its name.

Although it says "no-wash", I would still double cleanse using face cleanser, maybe that's just me being OCD. Anyway.

Is it the cleansing water that I would live for? Not quite so, but I don't hate it either. :)

This product is available for RM37 on Althea Korea. Also, it is available on Tony Moly's Malaysia official website for RM37.60. (non-affiliated links)


Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes for removing daily makeup.

Repurchase: Less likely

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