June 10, 2019

[Cafe Hoping] T4 (Tea For U) 清茶達人, Miri

Hello everyone!

During this trip in Sarawak, my sister introduced us a Taiwanese milk tea shop
by the name of "T4", which is the abbreviation for "Tea For U).

Their signature colour theme is in Tiffany blue.

We went to two outlets during this trip.

Boulevard Commercial Centre

- Operating Hours : 11AM to 10PM 
- Contact : +6085-423-088

T4 (Tea For U) 清茶達人, Miri

Mega Emart, Riam

- Operating Hours : 11AM to 10:30PM 
- Contact : +6085-325-083

T4 (Tea For U) 清茶達人, Miri

T4 (Tea For U) 清茶達人, Miri

When I first heard about this milk tea shop, I was quick to judge.
There are so many milk tea shops nowadays, I thought, well, no big deal.

It was like a hit on my head after I tried their drinks.

Especially their Cheese Cream Green Tea.

And it's only selling for RM8.80 per cup?
Tell me where can I get the same thing in Kota Kinabalu??

T4 (Tea For U) 清茶達人, Miri
(left: Cheese Cream Green Tea, RM8.80; right: Amber Pearl Latte, RM9.80)

Not gonna lie,
I was literally hunting down T4 for the rest of the trip,
which explains why we visited another outlet at Riam.

Bad timing I would say, by the time we reached there,
the staff told us they ran out of cheese cream (起司盖) topping.
If we were to wait, it could take 15 minutes to prepare.

The staff was really friendly and approachable.
In exchange, he kindly asked if he could suggest us to take milk cream topping (奶盖) instead.
The difference is milk cream topping would taste less in cheese flavour.

I wouldn't leave without a drink,
so we take his recommendation.

T4 (Tea For U) 清茶達人, Miri
(left: Cream Crown Green Tea, RM7; right: Honey Peach Royal, RM5.80)

Just like what we were told,
the milk cream topping (or what they called "cream crown") tastes very much alike,
only less strong in cheese flavour.
Well, I really don't mind tho. Love them both!

Funny thing is, this brand is no stranger to Peninsular Malaysia nor Sarawak,
but why we don't have it in Sabah???

Personally I would favour T4 mostly because they offer lower drink price
compared to other milk tea shops while their quality remains in par.
So why not?

If you haven't try anything from T4,
definitely recommend if you come across this milk tea shop in your area.

That's all for now.

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