June 7, 2019

[Food Court] Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

Good evening everyone!

Instead of the usual food courts concepts in shopping malls,
do you know that Miri has a lot of food courts in shoplots?

Today I am going to introduce you a rather new food court,
so happen it is located 3-mins drive from our stay.

It's Gen2Gen, better known as 代代香传飲食坊 in Chinese.

- Address : Opposite Airport, Miri, Sarawak
- Facebook -

Yes, I did it again... forgot to take the front view of the food court... urgh :s

The food court area is consists of four shoplots.
About 10 to 15 food stalls inside.
From Sarawak kolok mee, to Hong Kong style chicken rice, to buns and pastry... you name it.

I won't bore you with long introduction.
Let's see what they have inside. Come!

- Sarawak Kolok Mee (normal) 普通干面, RM3 -

Kolok Mee, Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

It never fails to amaze me that you can actually buy a bowl of mee with just RM3!!
Of course, the portion is smaller than usual, but still.
If you are a small eater, I think you will be full with a cup of coffee.
Kolok mee from this stall is a bit dry, but I don't mind because taste wise, it's okay.

- Homemade Steam Rice Rolls with Pork 叉烧猪肠粉, RM4 -

叉烧猪肠粉; Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

Freshly made upon order.
The steamrice rolls are very thin and soft..
Along with the soy sauce and minced pork, lovely dish!!!
Definitely want for more! :9
This is from the stall beside Sarawak Kolok Mee.

- Fried Manicai Meehoon 马尼菜米粉, RM5 -

马尼菜米粉; Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

"Manicai" is also known as the vege which we call "Sabah sayur manis 树仔菜".
It's something new to me as I never encounter this dish before.
To be honest, I don't find it any special after tasting it.
Just okok.

- Ding Bian Hu 鼎边糊, RM6 -

鼎边湖; Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

"Ding Bian Hu" is a kind of traditional Hokkien food.
It's similar to porridge, but only they use rice cake instead of rice.
First time trying this as well.
The taste of white pepper is a bit strong.
Besides that, I think it is very much like porridge.
Worth the try, but not quite my taste.

- Kueh Chap 粿杂 (small), RM6 -

粿杂; Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

Another traditional Hokkien food.
It smells very similar to Bak Kut Teh, as you can probably tell by the colour of its soup base.
Taste wise, it's much lighter and subtle than Bak Kut Teh.
A dish that consists of Kuey Teow, pork meat and half a hard boiled egg.
I know it is not comparable to Bak Kut Teh,
but I would prefer the that than Kuey Chap.

- Roasted Duck 烧鸭 and BBQ Pork 烧肉, RM10 -

烧鸭烧肉; Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

Just aim for food tasting, we asked if they could serve the meat without rice.
And this is how a RM10 portion looks like (as above).
Roasted duck and BBQ pork are some of my personal favourite.
I would say, the food taste good and the price is reasonable.
If you are not so adventurous on trying new food, this stall here is worth trying.

- Kompia 光饼, RM3/3 pieces -

光饼; Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

A local delicacy from Sibu, Sarawak.
Bun roasted in kiln and cut half to be filled with minced pork.
If you haven't try this before, do give it a chance.
Since it is fresh from the oven, I think it tastes better.

- Assorted Traditional Chinese Small Bites, RM3/3 pieces -

芝麻包和萝卜糕; Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

 Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

For those who wants to grab fresh bread or pastry, there is a bakery shop inside.
The Twin Brothers Patisserie.

Gen2Gen 代代香传飲食坊, Miri

Drink stall is located in the middle of the food court.
Order and pay at the counter.

The day has only just started, yet we had so many and different kinds of dishes already.
Full and satisfied.

My personal picks are the Homemade Steam Rice Rolls, Roasted Duck and BBQ Pork.

All the food above mentioned represent the local eateries,
and I would recommend you to give it a try, at least.
Better if this is your first time visiting Sarawak.

That's all for now.

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