June 22, 2019

[Review] Breena Beauty x Hermo - Alluring Diamond Sponge

Hello everyone! :)

I haven't been talking much about makeup tools on the blog, reason being that I find blogging in words is hard to describe or explain a makeup tool.

For a breakthrough, today I am going to share with you the makeup sponge which I got from the collaboration between Breena Beauty and Hermo.

Review; Breena Beauty x Hermo's Alluring Diamond Sponge
Breena Beauty x Hermo's Alluring Diamond Sponge

What product is this?

Alluring Diamond Sponge is a makeup sponge which is designed in the shape resembling diamond.

Packaging and Design

The makeup sponges come in two sizes: big and small. They are in alluring purple, which is the signature colour for Hermo the brand.

Review; Breena Beauty x Hermo's Alluring Diamond Sponge

It is designed in this way so that the faces of diamond can reach the corners (i.e. around the nose). Also it can be a good guideline to contour face (i.e. gives you a clean cut around the jaws and cheekbones).

Review; Breena Beauty x Hermo's Alluring Diamond SpongeReview; Breena Beauty x Hermo's Alluring Diamond Sponge

As for the flat area on top, it is handy to apply / stamp makeup base product on wider area (i.e. cheeks and forehead).

Review; Breena Beauty x Hermo's Alluring Diamond SpongeReview; Breena Beauty x Hermo's Alluring Diamond Sponge


The makeup sponges are made latex free and are scent free as well. They can be used in both dry or wet. Preferably soak it in water and then squeeze the excess water where you will find the makeup sponge much softer and fluffier.

If you already have Breena Beauty's Blending Pearls, well to be honest, these ones here are slightly stiffer compared to the earlier (if you know what I mean hehe). Good for stamping products thou.


You may find the big Diamond Sponge being featured on my GRWM video here.

Personal Experience

Although the texture is slightly stiffer compared to the Blending Pearls, I still find myself go back and forth using the bigger Alluring Diamond Sponge.

Personally I really enjoy the flat wide top surface of the sponge, which definitely help with stamping base product, fast application too! Just stamp, stamp, stamp.

The sponge itself doesn't "eat up" much of the base product, which is a bonus point.

As for the smaller Diamond Sponge, I don't quite see the relevance here as I am a lazy person - not too particular as in what sizes of sponge to use on which face area. One for all - that's quite my style (heh).

The two sponges come in a set which I purchased from Hermo site for RM23.94. I thought it was quite a good deal.

Unfortunately, as I'm writing this review, the brand has discontinued the makeup sponge. :(

As far as I know, the makeup sponges received negative feedback from customers. Many complaint that the sponges broke into pieces after using for a few times. I am truly sorry to hear such comments, but for my case, both the makeup sponges didn't break into half even I have been using consistently for a couple months now.

Guess we need not to worry too much. I believe Breena Beauty is going to bring us even better makeup sponges in the future. :)


Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: For makeup users.

Repurchase: Not possible because the product has been discontinued.

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