February 13, 2012

Action speaks louder than word.

If I have to put this phrase into a more visual able one, it should looks something like this (below).

"ACTION speaks louder than word." ^^

Can you read between the lines and get my hidden meaning?
Haha, I bet you can't. LOLS XP

Honestly, something not very smooth is happening in my life.
Something which I don't want it to happen, and if its happens, my life will be terrible.

When you're not at home, friends will be your half-family members, agree or not?
Especially, when you're way far from home.

So, friends are important, right?
But how about GOOD FRIENDS?
They, should be the ones who care more about you, and treat you well sincerely.
Or maybe, listen to your problems, share feelings together, etc.
Consequently, they meant more to you than just your classmates/normal friends.
IF someday they left you, the loneliness which you cannot imagine will appears.
You wanna cry, nobody to find.
You wanna share your happiness, no one to share. (aww~~~)
Friendship is just like a boy-girl relationship.
You have to keep it, cherish it, and love it, then it can last longer.

However, actions speak louder than words.
You don't make empty promises. Don't you?
Unfortunately, actually many people make those.
You don't just say, where is your action?
You must match your words to your actions.
That's how to achieve to be a good and trust-able friend.

Kindly reminder, please think REALLY careful before you say anything to your friend.
Especially to those close-related friends.
Don't just simply make promises which you cannot fulfilled. =)

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