February 7, 2012

Watermelon Dessert!

Inspired by INFINITE Sunggyu and L... =D

 L (the one looking at the camera) and Sunggyu

After watching INFINITE Sesame Player S2 Episode 4, you will know~
Due to the hot weather, Sunggyu and L wanted to make a watermelon dessert.
They actually 'fought' in order to decide how the watermelon dessert has to look like. @@
So cuuuttteee!!! >w<

Here's the link to watch the cut of the video: ^^

Suk Xuan Oni went to Nilai and spent her 4 days 3 nights holiday with me~
Eventually, we re-make the watermelon dessert! XDD Happy me~~~

We didn't follow exactly the original ingredients. Actually, we modified~ =P

Ingredients as below:
- Watermelon (seedless, cut into cubes)
- Evaporated Milk (as much as you like)
- Spirite (Soda Drinks)
- Ice (as many as you like)

Mix all the listed ingredients above in a big bowl... And you'll get THIS...

대박, isn't it? ^~^
You won't know its taste, unless you try it~

There are some more left in our refrigerator... Do you want some? HAHA :D

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