February 8, 2012

When Oni came to Nilai...

4th of Feb:

Wui Ting and I all the way went to KL Sentral to bring Oni to Nilai. We had a quick lunch at McD.
Always McD~ My favourite! LOLS XD Then, here's how our holidays starts.. ;)

5th of Feb:

Together with Huey Wen, Emmy, Wui Ting, Suk Xuan (Oni) and Herrick, we went to Midvalley.
Shopping day!!! =D

Oni and Me 

Huey Wen and Emmy

Had lunch...

Wui Ting

Emmy and Me

We found interesting things when window-shopping...

Maybe you'll know why I took the photo with "Infinite" this words. BUT how about Dubu Dubu? O.o

FYI, INFINITE has so-called temporary adopted three puppies in BOAF (which I already mentioned in one of my previous post). There is one puppy's name which is Dubu. :D

Sungyeol and Dubu

I think Oni is the one who spent the most on thay day! This is the first time I saw her buying so many stuffs... :P

Went back by KTM (again). Herrick's handphone was been stolen by pick-pocket. =(

6th Feb:

Oni and I went to the nearby Tesco. Planned to make watermelon dessert the day before this. ;) Bought ingredients. ... And we did it~!!! \\^___^//

The moment when we are making the dessert, we are just like Sunggyu and L! LOLS XD
But the thing is... We are mixed with both of their personalities ><
Oni is half L, half Sunggyu; me either. =X HAHAHA jkjk

7th Feb:

Woke up early in the morning to accompany Oni back to KL Sentral. Luckily I've got Emmy as my accompany. We did something naughty. We didn't use a single cent to go to KL Sentral! :s YES, that's right, what you read here is real.

4 days 3 nights... Thank you, Oni~ ^^ This is a priceless experience and memories with you. I appreciate it! I hope you had a good time here, with us. Come and visit us again, okay? =)

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