February 11, 2012

∞ INFINITE's 'Second Invasion' Poster & Cartoon Bookmarks ∞

Hey hey hey~ I think you must have realized that I have changed the background song? ^~^
Its INFINITE's Nothing's Over!! Nice song~
If you wish to have its Korean lyrics and English translation, you can go to this link:http://sakura-hyoeun21.blogspot.com/2011/09/nothings-over.html

FYI, today and the day after today (11 & 12 Feb 2012), INFINITE is going to held their very first solo concert 'Second Invasion' in South Korea

Here is the concert posters~

P/S: You can view the concert poster in the original size by clicking on it! ;D
LOLS~ All of them look so freaking handsome in the posters!!! >w<

Btw, I saw some cute little bookmarks of them.
You can save, print, cut, and fold them~ ^^
...Then INFINITE can be by your side always~~~ +_____+

(INFINITE's Concert Posters) All credits to boundless7.
(INFINITE's Bookmarks) All credits to ask-inpiniteu@tumblr.

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