February 5, 2012

닥치고 꽃미남밴드 (Shut Up! Flower Boy Band)

Share a quite new and hot Korean drama here~ ^^

If you are Inspirit, you would know, this is one of L (Myungsoo)'s drama.
He is the guitarist of the band. Handsome~~~ >w<
He seldom talks in the drama, and when he talks, he catches the eyes of the viewers. *__* Agree with me? 8D 

But I was quite impressed with the guy who has a very dark and thick eyeliner...
He really grabbed my sight~ ><
His name in the drama is Byunghee. ;)

L (from INFINITE): Second from the left side.

I just finished watching the first episode tonight, with Oni~ =)
This is the very first night we spend together, chit-chating, watching MVs, and also SU!FBB~

Gotta sleep early abit tonight... Although now its already consider quite late @@ LOLS

좋은 밤~ +___+

p/s: Must watch this ya, Inspirit~ Support L \\^^//

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